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Ok, first off… is Craft room one word or two?

Anyway, I started back before Valentines day making hearts. I have one, actually completed and painted, it is currently on my fridge, being a magnet and all. Valentines Day hit and the heart creating came to a screeching halt. I felt like I had missed the boat. Wrong! I finally came to the conclusion they hearts aren’t just a Valentines Day thing… dang commercialism got me tripped up for a short bit.

The other stumbling block was my craftroom/craft room. Even though I have everything I need in there… well, so I thought,  I was not comfortable sitting in there and working, I was constantly bring things out to the living room to work on. I had to think about it for quite awhile and finally came to the conclusion that I was lonely in there. I had music but the TV was out in the living room.
Fix? put a TV in the craft room! Ok, now how do I get the money to do this. I started looking into a few options and my parents offered to lend me the money. They are so very awesome! I truly hate asking for help when it comes to money.

So what did I get? I got a 26″ Vizio Flat panel. It didn’t need to be huge, mainly for space reasons and because I’m only going to be sitting a few feet away. It is also Internet ready and has wireless, so I will be hooking up my laptop in the craft room as well, and using the TV as a monitor.

Here is to more creating!!!

3 Responses to “Awesome’ness in the craft room”

  • Dave the Dead MonsterID Icon Dave the Dead:

    woo hoo! Great idea. I have another cure for craft loneliness…start having conversations with the voices in your head…it’s amazing what fun things they tell you while you are all alone in a dark, cold garage…..

    second thought…stick with the tv.

  • Heh!! That is why I need the TV, it’s to distract those voices so I can get stuff done!

    The other good thing about the TV, I can put up reference photos when I’m creating, especially once I get the Laptop hooked up to it.

    If anyone is interested, the TV cost $289.99 at Costco and $278.88 at Sam’s Club. We went with Costco because they offer an additional warranty on top of the manufacture one. It’s a Vizio 26″ 1080p m261vp Razor LED, with VIA, which is the internet ready stuff.

  • Wow,that looks great. TV is a great idea……maybe it will work on the voices in my head too! 😀

    Thanks for the inspiration. I so gotta get working!!


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