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My mood in the last couple of days is like night and day! Now that Christmas and New Years are over and everyone seems to be focused on Halloween again, my depressive mood has seemed to vanish.

My creative imagination has dug it’s way from the back of the closet and is sitting in the doorway humming contently. The picture would look something like: a girl with pigtails, in a knee high black velvet Victorian dress, black Mary Janes with white ankle high ruffly topped socks, sitting on the edge of an open door way that drops off to nothing, while her dangling feet swing back and forth, she contently hums and glues wings on wingless flies.

…and dang it feels good. ::: grins ear to ear and waves at everyone :::

6 Responses to “I’m back….almost”

  • Welcome back! Glad you’ve wrestled that winter funk off of ya and you’re ready to come back…to the dark side…mwahahahahah!

  • Pam Morris MonsterID Icon Pam Morris:

    I agree…christmas is ok for me but I hate new year’s….just reminds me that another year approaches and most likely, nothing will change. of course, I guess that can be good as well as bad. anyway, hope you had a lovely birthday and hurray for Halloween!

  • Amy from Alltogetherdead MonsterID Icon Amy from Alltogetherdead:

    Welcome back, anxiously awaiting what comes next….

  • Woohoo! Glad to see that you are so happy! Happy is good.


  • Karen MonsterID Icon Karen:

    I believe I have found my twin! Just as happy as you are that I can start playing Halloween again!!! 😉

  • Karen – It is actually possible that we are related, I was adopted at birth! LOL.

    GF, Pam, Amy, Chris – Miss you guys!

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