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Exactly what are sorts and why am I out of them? Well there is a double meaning to ‘sorts’ in this here post and it seems I have been out of both of them. First let me explain ‘sorts’. We all know what ‘being out of sorts’ is referring to when someone says the feel out of sorts. Basically it is the feeling of being unwell, not in your right mind, etc. Now for the part you may not have known, and why the double meaning…

Meaning of Sorts as referred to in Typesetting:

In typesetting by hand compositing, a sort is a piece of type representing a particular letter or symbol, cast from a matrix mould and assembled with other sorts bearing additional letters into lines of type to make up a forme from which a page is printed.

In other words… I needed to sort my Sorts once I wasn’t out of Sorts. ::: big grin :::

Now for the real deal… I’ve been sick this last week and before that just didn’t feel like sorting. The flu hit me last week and I believe it was all an evil ploy by the Universe, really. I had to go and mention to a few friends on Facebook that I don’t get flu shots because they make me sick and that I have a kick butt immune system so I typically don’t get sick. Oh the Universe decided to humble me a bit and gave me the cold flu that was going around. The shot wouldn’t have helped and in fact I had gone to the health clinic to have my arm/hand checked out and I believe that is where I picked up the blasted cold in the first place. Can you imagine if I WOULD have gotten the flu shot? I would have thought the dang thing has made me sick again AND I would probably have gotten even sicker than I did. Not a pretty picture.

I’m feeling better now, as far as the cold goes, but my fingers (tips of my middle and ring finger) are still numb and I have a call in to the Doc to have her send me to a Nerve testing Doc to get to the bottom of it. I know a large part of it is I need to loose weight and stop being so sedentary, not to mention I’m a computer tech so I tend to type for long periods and sit ‘bent elbowed’ as well, which doesn’t help a bit. We will see what comes of what and I will keep you posted as it goes along.

I have to give a shout out to my Fama. She checks on my blog and when I spoke to her this morning she mentioned I hadn’t posted since the 9th. LOL, thanks for the push mom, I was feeling a bit ‘blah’ and didn’t feel much like posting lately because I felt I didn’t have anything ‘Spooky’ to write about or show off. But hey, it’s a blog and there is no set rule that I have to be spooky ALL the time right?

So life is moving on and I’m hibernating, is about the long and short of it. I hate winter and wish for a way to escape to the Pacific Northwest. Yes I would take rain over snow any day. Plan plan plan is all I can do at this stage.

So hello out there to the Inter Webs, I am still alive, just a tad sloth like….

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