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The Buckner Building in Whittier, Alaska

The Buckner Building stands abandoned in Whittier, Alaska. Where is Whittier, Alaska you ask? Whittier is on the northeast shore of the Kenai Peninsula, at the head of Passage Canal. It is on the west side of Prince William Sound, 75 miles southeast of Anchorage. It lies at approximately 60° 46′ N Latitude, 148° 41′ W Longitude.

The building itself is 299,369/273,660 square feet and was completed in 1953, it was built as a Military Troop Headquarters. It was abandoned in 1960 when the Army pulled out of Whittier and the 1964 quake, 9.2 on the Richter scale, left the building damaged and uninhabitable. The building had the name City under one roof due to the fact that it had everything the occupants living in the 1000 apartments could need. Besides the 1000 apartments the building also contained a huge mess hall, a 300 seat theater, a hospital, jail, school, bank branch, 5 elevators, laundry facility and many other small shops.

The building has been up for sale/lease since 1975, if my research is correct. The 1975 article in the Anchorage Daily News is here. The for sale info can be found here. Oh… the sale price is only $1,500,000 which doesn’t include the asbestos cleanup that will have to be done AND any demo materials must be sent out by barge…just so ya know.

Below are some photos I have found around the interwebs. Clicking on any photo will take you to its photographer or source website, I claim no fame to any of the above or below photos.

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