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I don’t remember if I have posted any of my old CG Art from years ago. I had started dabbling with a Program called Poser many years ago. Digital art is much less messy than physical art and takes up much less space for all of the equipment needed. The problem I found with it… I wasn’t working with my hands like I prefer to do so I wasn’t getting the satisfaction from it. It has been years so I have picked up the mouse/Wacom Tablet and started playing…and it may be many years before I do it again.

Escort to Hell

2 Responses to “Old Digital Art…”

  • Tam MonsterID Icon Tam:

    I totally remember these and when we were into “Poser” i never got the program though so didnt get to play with it. Looking back now i dont mind, dont have much of a desire anymore lol I too much prefer to be hands on 🙂 I like being messy too, well during, hate the clean up lol

  • OMG That is absolutely amazing….and you stopped working in it!?!? Oh wow, I would love to see what you could do if you were really serious!!!

    Fantastic….I am so jealous, I work in graphic software all day and cannot do anything half that great. You truly are an artist my dear!


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