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We will only get two more years after this to be able to have a triple number day. Then we have to wait a hundred years.

Just want to post real quick to apologize for not posting much or often. I’m struggling with stress making me lethargic and apathetic. Good news is I’m decorating at work so I’m not a complete quitter. Heh!

Plus it has been getting cold and I’m not a winter person, I tend to hibernate. I seriously need to get out of Alaska, but that isn’t going to happen for a few years. So I have to tough it out.

I’m going to try to do some posting soon.

5 Responses to “Happy 10/10/10!!”

  • This binary day is also universal – it doesn’t matter whether you put the month first, the day first, or the year first, it’s all the same! It is the first universal date! (well, except for 10/10/1010 I guess…)

  • GhoulishCop MonsterID Icon GhoulishCop:

    I was going to ask how someone who’s not a Halloween person ends up in Alaska. I’m just hoping you’re not a night owl too. Aren’t days longer in the Great White North?


  • GhoulishCop MonsterID Icon GhoulishCop:

    Er, make that last comment, “I was going to ask how someone who’s not a WINTER person ends up in Alaska.” Guess I’ve got Halloween on the brain.


  • Rich – I was born here, left for Bama when I was 2’ish then we came back when I was almost 9. Didn’t have much of choice, heh! I was a night owl as a kid but not any more. I need me some warm sunshine!!

    Days are longer and another reason I need out of here!! Just have to figure out the money situation.

  • Sorry I have been so absent too. Have been thinking about you! Hope you are doing well…..in the freezing cold!! 🙁

    Thinking of you.


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