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I’m so excited for Ed Roberts!! I’m literally bouncing in my seat! ::: breathes ::: Ok check this out…

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is at the Oregon School for the Deaf…right now!!! The are redoing the Boys Dorms AND get this…AND redoing The Nightmare Factory as well!!

Guess who is over there helping? Give up? Chris and Jeff Davis, and their crew. I am sooooo envious!!! I would love to be there getting splinters, paint in my hair, blisters and exhaustion to help them out!

Now I know that us Halloween Haunt fanatics are excited due to the Nightmare Factory part, but the kids are getting the royal treatment on this. They are all going to Minnesota on behalf of the Starkey Foundation and will get a family vacation along with brand new hearing-aid’s for those that use/want/need them. Not to mention the Boys Dorm being rebuilt/designed. Rock on kids!!!

The Bloodshed boys…excuse me, the Bloodshed Brothers have done a vlog about it and they called and talked to Ed!! You have to watch this…awesome’ness!

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