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The Halloween mags are starting to hit the stores and I have picked up a couple. The only one I have found worth mentioning is Better Homes and Gardens. Why? Because Scott Smith of Rucus Studios created some halloween silhouettes at the request of the editor. I think I have the explanation right…if not Scott can set me straight.

This is Scott’s picture from his own blog, hope it’s ok for me to use this Scott, I have it linked back to his own blog post about the BHG entry.

I have also gone over to BHG website to snag the silhouettes that Scott had given them for the mag. To save some time I put them in my Google Doc’s and shared them to everyone. There are other silhouettes there from other submitters to BHG. These are all free to use per BHG. I will add more to the Google Doc’s as I find them online or as I make them. I’m also going to try to figure out a way to share my Google Doc’s through this here blog, just need to wrap my brain around it and do it. I am so smart, SMRT.

Google Doc’s Halloween Silhouettes

One Response to “Halloween magazines…”

  • I find it so hard to resist the shiny orange pages….they call to me from the checkout line. And I am powerless to resist 🙂

    Very cool. We have a mouse silhouette in the hallway….a tailess mouse…the cats snapped that off long ago. 😀


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