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So there are recalls on eggs, recalls on Deli meat from Walmart. Recalls for toys, cars, childrens medicines, pet food… Recalls on the recalls.

I have mentioned before that I would like to have a gated community for Artists, Haunters and Halloween enthusiasts. So now I’m thinking maybe we should all pitch in and buy 400+ acres of farm land somewhere. We can raise our own food, have our funky studios decorated the way we want without the neighbors freaking out about property values. We could have beef cows for all you meat eaters and lots of veggies and fruits for the Vegtabletarians.

Heck I’m looking on Land and Farm right now and there are wonderful deals to be had!!!!

Lets go make some Koolaid!!!

8 Responses to “Recalls…”

  • Sounds like a plan to me,everything but the koolaide that is….?


  • …. Raising my glass…. Cheers I am with you

  • Tam MonsterID Icon Tam:

    I am totally game, with conditions…….beach needs to be drivable distance and i have to wait three more years untril Nathan graduates lol i already got some veggies growing on my patio id love to have real land do grow tons!!

  • ….koolaid mixes well with vodka! 😀

    I am with ya sister! Lots of nice farm land here in Oregon 🙂


  • Mmmmmm it Vodka mixes well with fresh Pineapple too!! So lets see so far its women that are with the idea and it needs to be driving distance from a beach and we need to wait a few years. I should wait at least 3 years myself, dreaming aside, if I put in 5 years with the State then I’m vested for my retirement.

    So in 3 years, not far from a beach, we will begin the journey to… ummm, what are we going to call this place?

  • Tam MonsterID Icon Tam:

    No one better day “Farmville” :::: chuckles :::: Oh and Mark will come, he wants to grow our own food too. Thats why we have started on the patio already! He is very handy and has tools too!! ha ha

  • I’m down for it too. Vodka mixes with everything. Somewhere with all four season please, but mild versions of each. Not to hot, not to cold, not a lot of snow. I would like orchards around my house on three sides, I want to be able to have 10 dogs, I want to ride my bicycle everywhere, and I will run our own version of the drive-in movies/movies in the park on Friday and Saturday nights. Grape Kool-Aid for me please

  • I’m thinking it should be a state that is 70-80’s in the summer and no colder than 45 in the winter. Snow is possible but if it does, it doesn’t stick.
    I’m not a kid person, I don’t share my toys well, so I’m probably going to have my house back on my lot so I don’t have to hear the kiddies.

    As for dogs… more the merrier! My yard will be fully fenced so that my little minions don’t turn someone else’s yard…dead spotted.

    Ahhh yes, drive in movies, it’s a must!! Chris Davis should love this.

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