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It’s 90 days until Halloween and I’m starting to feel the season wrap its lovingly spooky arms around me. Looking around on Facebook I see lots and lots of Halloween updates from the Home Haunters creating props, the Pro Haunts building theirs and the artists creating tons of new spooky art.
I do love Halloween year round but there is no other feeling than the months right before Halloween. I tend to walk around with a stoopid grin on my face with it only getting worse if I happen across something Halloween related.

I have a bit of predicament though. I do love Halloween and I love building full size Halloween props…but, yes there is a but, I have no where to store them! Cucur and Mauly have spent this whole time in my living room, which I don’t mind, but… I’m going to run out of room for my furniture if I keep at it.
I had decided months ago to attempt to switch over to smaller Spooky art that I could sell. That is going very slowly but I am moving forward…now another predicament. My brother wants me to haunt his yard this year and I want to build a few ghosts for the yard.  UGH!!! I need a dammed garage!! Heck, I need a whole nother house!

Even though I have those little predicaments… I’m still geeking all over the place over Halloween season creeping into the air!!

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  • Dave the Dead MonsterID Icon Dave the Dead:

    I had to build a shed a few years ago, and it is now packed to the rafters….perhaps we could recite a few incantations from the Necromicon and open up some interdimensional space to store the good stuff throughout the year…..

  • I have similar storage problems. I try to build yard props that can be (sort of) easily dis-assembled for storage. It usually works . . . 🙂

  • Dave… there are so may times I wish I could find warehouse space, that is rated also as residential, so I could convert part of it to my living space. I would love to have a hugely open area to use as a studio, much like you see in the movies. The only difference for me is, there would be no ‘modern’ look to it, the majority of the living are would be filled with my antiques and other ‘used looking’ furniture.

    Halloween Spirit… I too try to create them to dis-assemble, but my other problem, besides storage is having an area I can use all of those wonderfully noisey saws and the messy/smelly spray paints. At the moment that is done on my front or back porch…but it will be getting colder soon and things just don’t dry right when its cold out. (I live in Alaska.)

  • Does your brother have storage space? As part of the agreement, he should host your gruesome creations. 😉

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