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This is so friggin awesome!! So get this, Chris Davis of Davis Graveyard came up with the webby idea for Halloween this year. First off… she is an Arachnophobic, so for her to come up with this idea is not only off the friggin hook, but I believe may be therapeutic to some degree. Ok, Ok… might not be therapeutic in a good way, but may just send her to therapy!!

Here is her original blog post with her idea that states:

I, the Frog Queen, being of (decidedly) unsound mind, asks my talented, good looking, brilliant and great taste in blogs haunters to make and send me creepy spiders (creepy was redundant wasn’t it?) for this “group Halloween prop” project.

Awesome!!! She goes on to mention she will have Marci take pics of the display and will send to people that participated in sending spiders. She would also like to make this idea a tradition and have it rotate through the Home Haunters every year. Flash mob type Halloween displays, with the Home Haunter picking the theme.

Chris I hope you get paid the big bucks at work… this is Marketing genius!!!

More coolness… she has created a blog for Spiderfest. Actually Guy of House of Bloodthorn setup the blog for Chris so she can post about her precious spider infestation. You never know… maybe Chris will take up spider collecting along with her froggy’ness. I’m thinking…not.

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