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The fam and I went up to Independence Mine yesterday. Independence is a mine that has been closed since 1951 and had been left almost the same way as when everyone left. There are a few buildings that they keep restored slightly, but otherwise most are falling apart. It was much different the last time I was up there some 30 years ago.
I love finding the old rusty bits of equipment and chipping paint, old windows and doors. There isn’t a creepy feel to the place really, the surrounding view doesn’t allow for it, but it can be claustrophobic when the fog rolls in.

Here are a few photos, the rest can be found over on my Flickr page.

3 Responses to “Independence Mine, Alaska”

  • aSmarterU MonsterID Icon aSmarterU:

    WOW … great pics! Looks like an awesome plce to visit!

  • Dave the Dead MonsterID Icon Dave the Dead:

    Love these pics! You have an eye for composition. The train track pictures are excellent, so spooky and desolate. The entire setting reminds me of the scenery shown in the movie “Insomnia”.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks! I wish it hadn’t started raining, I started getting rushed with my picture taking, didn’t want the camera to get wet.

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