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So I have become addicted. I will tell you to what here in just a sec, but first I wanted to say that no intervention is necessary. I totally own this addiction and in fact have no intention of ‘breaking the cycle’. I will stand up and proudly announce that I have become addicted to….

The Bloodshed Brothers Vlog!!

I know there are others of like addiction out there and I’m going to out Chris Davis in this ‘coming out’ blog. I will tell you now that I intend, as time permits, to be pushers of these here Bloodshed Brothers and you shall not resist me. I have been living vicariously through these two on the Garage Sale/Thrift Store escapades. Embarrassing to say that I am drawn to watching them shop for ‘finds’ ::: hangs head ::: Gawd forbid they ever start to do real time shopping video’s!! I will be doomed!!

So who are these Bloodshed Brothers that I speak of? They are none other than Zach and Jeromy Ball of Temecula, Ca. They are born haunters and only being 22 years old,  have a long haunting life ahead of them, not to mention  many years to entertain us.
They run a home, walk through style, haunt during Halloween that attracts some 900 attendants! Now that is just friggin awesome in itself!

If you haven’t checked these guys out, get yer butts on over to You Tube and watch for yourself. I will save you a seat at the next BBA (Bloodshed Brothers Anonymous) meeting.

Matter of fact… how ’bout I just throw you a little taste…

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