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So Oprah is having a contest over on her OWN site, OWN stands for Oprah Winfrey Network, btw. What does this have to do with Spooky’ness you ask, well let me tell ya.
She is having this contest for people to try to get their own show, it’s called Your OWN Show. Get it? Yeah.. ok. The point…

There is this awesome man by the name of James W. Thompson Jr. that has entered this here contest and get this…

“The Haunt” takes viewers on a design journey exposing them to all aspects of theme park haunt development, construction and show/pre show production. Watch a select group of home haunt enthusiasts compete against each other, testing their creativity, their guts, and their ability to scare, even the toughest, out of their pants; battle for the title of Haunt Master.

Yup, you read that right! He is wanting to do a show about Haunts!! Haunts!!! Home haunters will be involved even. Now the catch… You must vote for him. The top 5 people will be finalists, but I’m sure they will do something for runners up. We have got to get this man up in the running people! He is out there speaking for all of us Haunters and Haunt lovers. Let the world know that we not only exist but we exist in LARGE numbers! We will be seen and we will be feared… ok, not really feared unless you want us to scare you.

So where to Vote already Kim… sorry, I’m a bit stoked over this.

You need to go to the below site and you need to not only vote but please watch the video and comment. The judging people are taking it all in, not just the vote counts. The comments will help the cause by letting people know we are out there and we want to be seen.

Here is the link: http://myown.oprah.com/audition/index.html?request=video_details&response_id=9284&promo_id=1

Now for your reading enjoyment… I went and did a little bit of research on the man behind the contest. He has info out there and has done some stuff.

He is on IMDb and this is his Mini bio:

Date of Birth

16 July 1963, Staten Island, New York, USA

Birth Name

James W. Thompson Jr.


6′ 6″ (1.98 m)      <—— (Holy Crud!!)

Mini Biography

Through his work as a Production Designer/Art Director, James’s intention is to enthrall, inspire, and at times, to raise consciousness of those drawn to the art form. His journey began while attending the State University of New York (Oswego), where he explored his love for theatrical design. James majored in Theatrical Design, Art and Biology and graduated cum laude. He later expanded his passion for scenic design by shifting into the realm of film and television design. During that time James obtained a Masters of Fine Arts in Production Design from the American Film Institute Conservatory (AFI).

He also has a website: http://jwtproductions.com/old.index.html this is the old one but still functioning while he gets the new one going http://jwtproductions.com/

He is also on Facebook…but I will let you do your own search for him there. Not sure if he wants to be promoted there or not.

I don’t say this often… this man is easy on the eyes girls. He could scare me anytime!

Now go VOTE!!!!!

3 Responses to “Artist Promo – Vote or I will send my monkeys!!”

  • Definately voted for him…I have a post on my blog too. We have to band together to make this happen!!! Come on Home Haunters!!!! We cam do this!!!


  • pam morris MonsterID Icon pam morris:

    yep, I voted for him too…wouldn’t it be fantastic if this guy won? sigh..doubt it tho’…probably be some babe doing a reality show on ironing shirts or somethin’…

  • Or some brain’less female showing us how to press flowers. I watched the votes jump by almost 500 today, may be more by now. We just need to get the word around to everyone.

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