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I’ve had a very relaxing yet productive weekend. Although the production part hasn’t seen anything finished, I still have gotten a really good start on things that have been tickling my brain.

We have had a weekend of 70+ degree weather, which for Alaska is 10+ degrees above normal for this time of year. I still watch the weather in Bend, Oregon and we have been warmer than them for over a month now. Crazyness!

So I’ve had this master plan of making art to sell. The plan, although going very slowly, is moving along. The plan has always been to have a separate blog to show the wares, the main reason is that not all the wares will be ‘spooky’ inspired so I wanted a less spooky blog theme for them. Plus, my mom may want to sell birdhouses and her more girly stuff so that was also a determining factor.
The plan is to have the blog to show off the wares and then sell through Etsy. Now I’m thinking to maybe sell through both. The idea of having a shopping cart on my website makes me cringe…only because I’m unfamiliar with how to go about doing it and the research involved in it. So I figured I could just show off the stuff on the blog and have users that are interested email me for payment through Paypal, which will be my only form of payment for now.

I need some input from those of you that have done any of the above or have any brilliant ideas. I take criticism very well, so please tell me if I’m off my rocker. If you would rather email me feel free: boospooky (dot) com AT gmail (dot) com

So far I have:

– Purchased the Domain name for the blog – The Whimsy Attic
– Grabbed the Etsy account for The Whimsy Attic
– Grabbed the Twitter account for The Whimsy Attic
– Setup the Facebook Page – only grabbed the name for a Page associated with my own.
– Getting ready to build the actual website presense
– Paypal is setup for Business

6 Responses to “Weekend without woes and advice needed…”

  • Not sure exactly what kind of feedback you’re looking for, but I give you some general advice.

    1) If you decide to sell directly from your website, make sure the shopping cart is professionally done. Unless potential buyers are big fans or are obsessed with your product, there’s a good chance many people will decide not to purchase if your shopping cart system looks shady or subpar. On that note…

    2) If you’re not tech savvy (i.e. have the ability yourself to build it OR know someone who is tech savvy that can set all this up for you), I would suggest you start with Etsy first. The experience alone will help you a few ways 1) you’ll get used to using a shopping cart system (at least at a basic level) on someone else’s dime 2) Once you get used to it, you’ll have an idea of what you actually want built for you. You’ll be able to clearly outline how you want it to operate (sorting, pricing, tagging, display options, etc).

    3)Unless you have the barometer of local shows to gauge what will sell and what won’t, Etsy will let you get a sense of how much you could earn online for what you’re making. No use dropping bucks on your own personal online shop if it turns out there’s only a few bites for your goods. Of course I know your stuff will be great, but I’m being pragmatic here 😉

    4) I might reconsider combining your mom’s stuff with yours in one shop. You might end up scaring off each other’s client base (I’m assuming your mom’s birdhouses aren’t spooky). I don’t know the style of your mom’s work, but what happens if people who would normally buy her work arrive to the store to find 12 Halloween items and 2 birdhouses? Something to think about. This is a point to consider and think about how you’ll appeal to both audiences.

    Overall, I do think promoting the items on the blog and then selling them through etsy is the best way to start. It gives you time to experiment and learn while still selling items right away.

    I can chat with you about what’s involved with building an online store if you’d like. Send me a note.

  • Thanks GF. I always tend to get ahead of myself because I try to think 20 steps ahead, it tends to make me forget to learn to walk before I start running Mach 10.

  • Well, you know that I have dual personalities, so I of course think it’s all a great idea. The problem is, that since I personally think we were separated at birth, what I think is a great idea is the same as YOU thinking it’s a great idea. We could fail together in that sense, LOL!

    Ok, being serious now….I have never sold anything online, only at craft fairs, so I have absolutely nothing to share there – but I can tell you this – there are alot of girly-girl bloggers that love Halloween, and all things spooky. I am finding that the two can mesh together a lot better than I thought…. which means they could blend well for you too. You have such a talent, that transcends labels, and you will find the right niche as you go… thats the mark of a true crafter and artist, being able to spot trends, understand your customers, and make what they want to buy. I have every confidence in the world for your success!

    I wish you all the best, and will be cheering you from the sidelines. Let us know when you get websites and twitter accounts up and running, we’ll support you however we can!!

  • Thanks Dawn!!! Hey, I was adopted so it is possible that we are long lost sisters!
    I too have dual personalities but my girly personality tends to run with the whimsical so the spooky whimsical complements/compliments each other. Ok… I have a love for old distressed antique’s so I guess I have to through in a side of Victorian love.

    My first priority is to lasso my brain and make it stop on one idea at a time. I swear when it comes to creating I am seriously hyperactive with a big dash of A.D.D, but not when it comes to everyday life stuff… guess it’s too boring. Heh!

  • So looking forward to your creations gracing the graveyard!! Also been thinking about selling some stuff myself so this post is very encourage on many levels.

    1. Your sharing your adveneture and how you still have questions and how you are working through the process. Thanks for figuring that out for me 😀

    2. That our lovely GF offered some great advice – she is just brilliant that way.

    3. Dawn taught me how supportive all our blog friends are of each other.

    You are just the coolest person to bring that all together here on your blog….definately one of my heros! 🙂

    Thanks as always!


  • I’m a hero!!! ::: stands in Captain Morgan pose with cape blowing in the wind ::: Alright alright… enough with the fan, it’s messing up my hair and making my eyes water.

    I’ll keep posting as I go along. Hope it helps someone out there that is trying to get started too. It isn’t like any of this should be trade secrets… we all have to start somewhere.

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