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It’s getting closer to Halloween with every passing day and that means the Home Haunters and Pro Haunters are brain storming and creating to their hearts content. Heck, for the most of us we are content if we are doing anything Halloween related at any time of the year…me, I doodle out creepy tree’s and whimsical haunted houses during work meetingsย  ::: looks up atย  website header ::: ๐Ÿ™‚ <— yes that is a smiley…wait I just did a smiley… MEDIC!

So I check my Facebook this morning and there is a post from Melissa McKnight about a rusting technique that has been posted over on HauntForum, which I have been sooooo neglecting due to all of my own goings ons. Yeah, I know…spank me later. Heck, spank me three times, I have also ignored HalloweenForum and Garage of Evil.
So back to rusting… I run on over to HauntForum to see exactly what the oxidizing iron is all about and lo’ and behold Jaybo (also known as Jayson from Nickols Manor) has written up a How-to on creating a realistic rusting technique. Seriously folks… you could make your Grandmother look like she was made from iron. Mine, rest her loving soul, would have switched me for even thinking the thought. ::: looks up ::: Love ya Grandma. You guys think they have switches in heaven? I can see it now… “So you like creepy tree’s huh little girl, lets go take a walk to find us a switch.”
Digressed… I’ll explain later. So the rusting technique that Jaybo has shown, has been done by others and is a combo of techniques really. Jaybo isn’t taking ownership of the technique, so slow your roll on thinking he is claiming it as his own… just showing us slow boaters how to do it when we need it. I would hug him for it but Dixie/Dawn would kick my butt. I have a girl crush on Dixie/Dawn… I think she is my good twin…me being the evil one of course. We have a love of the same things. She just doesn’t know how much… NO I don’t mean Jayson! Dang people! Whimsy Halloween stuff… ::: rolls eyes ::: The girl mentions spanking and that’s it for the rest of the post…

Digression… again… So this rusting technique… simple really and most of you may have the ingredients laying around the house…and in the kitchen!!! Can you imagine Oatmeal? Oatmeal! of all things is one of the adds to the mix for rusting. If you live in an area that your worried about varmints, eating what ever it is you have rusted, including nibbling on Grandma, then use Sawdust instead. Smaller, Oatmeal sized chunkies, down to the little stuff I would imagine would work better.
OHHH!! Read the comments from Jayson’s blog entry at Nickols Manor. One of the Davis Graveyarders piped in with suggestions on GreatStuff foam being used for rusting… I won’t say her name, ::: whispers CHRIS ::: mentions how they use it for rusting at the Graveyard.ย  They learned the technique from Bad Boys Scenic Design while at HauntCon last year. Chris mentions something about the using of GreatStuff foam and this being the only worth while thing to use GreatStuff Foam for… If any of you home haunters even attempt to stone her or Jeff… I will send my Grandmother after you!!! You don’t know the meaning of switching until a southern grandma has done it up right.

So if you have read this far… wow… you’re A.D.D. too!!! or… your just waiting for the pictures.
First let me summarize the links a bit. I think this is the most links I have put in one blog post.

Jaybo’s post on HauntForum – This link has total How-to
Jayson’s post on Nickols Manor – This link doesn’t have the Oatmeal addition

Now for pictures:

*** My grandmother was a wonderful southern lady and actually never switched me. My mom learned it from her though!! I only had to be switched once, to my knowledge, so she learned it right! ***

As for the long post… I’m home sick today nursing my shoulder. I have Thoracic Outlet syndrome, I have had it for many many years and somehow have pissed it off again. Basically your hand goes numb and it starts hurting from shoulder to hand. I get the tinglies in my fingers when it starts to wake up a bit and that’s when the pain starts.ย  Nutshell… makes for an angry girl that gets frustrated that I can’t do what I want to, when I want to, which includes painting the dang shelving unit I’m looking at in my living room that should be done and in the Skullery! Also makes it very difficult to sculpt anything cause my hand gets sore and hard to grasp stuff. Typing can be done if I sit the keyboard in my lap, along with the mouse, which at can’t seem to do at work. So…hence the home’ness today.

Now go rust something!!!

7 Responses to “When in doubt…make it rusty.”

  • Cool! I had to go check the Nicolas Manor blog to make sure the rest of the haunt world is not sending me death threats ๐Ÿ˜€ I am going to take no posts as a good sign ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for defending me!! As always, I need all the help I can get. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, glad you are inspired. I always love learning new ways to do things!! So much fun.

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  • Heh!! I’m not big on GreatStuff myself. I don’t do the gore factor so I really don’t have much use for it, except when I needed to insulate around my windows. BUT.. I have always wanted to figure out how to get the bubble affect from real rust. I will have to try the GreatStuff. or… you could just come up and show Michelle and I at the same time… hint hint hint.

    We should start an all girls blog, Sisters of Spook, Ghoul Girls Galore (that sounded like a zombie strip club name,heh). There are numerous all boy groups out there. Garage of Evil…ahem. ::: sticks tongue out at Steve :::
    We could show them a thing or two… with a touch of flare.

  • pam morris MonsterID Icon pam morris:

    that was so cool! can’t wait to try it! (and thanks for sharing!)

  • Hahaha, you and Chris are cracking me up!!! Kimily, you are one of my papier mache idols, I have admired your work for so long…. and for THAT reason, I will let you be the evil twin. But I think it’s horridly ironic that I have a cutesy blog too, and end up having to be the good twin. Did Chris put you up to that too, since she hates pink so much?!?! Hahaha. I wanna be a WONDER twin. Always wanted to yell ACTIVATE!

    OMG. I’m so old.

    Thanks for the write up girl, I know Jaybo is going to walk around beaming for days. He really did work hard on this rust thing, trying to get it “just so”… having some folks notice is just plain nice. Once again, there will be no living with the big headed man. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Dixie – Wonder twin powers Activate!! Form of: Vampire Bat.
    LOL…it’s funny you mentioned the Wonder Twins… I bring them up at work all the time!

    Thank you for the love over the paper mache’n. Now I won’t be able to live with my ego.

    As for the cutesy blog… you and I don’t differ there either. I don’t have the cutesy blog up and running yet but I will when I actually start selling the art work. I bought the domain name quite a while ago… you’ll love this… The Whimsy Attic. I didn’t know the name of yours until the other day when I was surfing around. (there is one called Whimsy Attic, so I added the The.

    I also hate pink…but not as much as Chris hates spiders.

    As for Jaybo’s ego… there’s a switch for that.

  • OMG! You ARE Dixie’s twin! This is getting a little spooky. I don’t know if this is good or bad….probably bad for me. I can feel a dark cloud forming over my head as I am typing. I knew I should have stayed in bed today. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Just be glad that she and I don’t live close to one another. You wouldn’t be able to get in the garage!! But… we would have one heck of a huge home haunt, not that you guys don’t already.

    Muuuuahahahah… dark clouds hide my flying monkeys.

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