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I have been neglectful of this here blog again. Sorry to everyone that may have or tries to follow along.

I have been trying to pull myself away from the TV and the computer to instead stuff my butt in the chair in the Skullery. That goes something like this… walk in, sit down, play with a few things, start painting on canvas, get idea and take it to the living room to work on it, realize what time it is and put it away to go to bed. Hope for weekend to come sooner so I can play more, weekend comes, yard needs to be tended to, laundry, dishes, do something with parents, weekend is gone. Go to work…

I have decided that having to work is just plain evil and getting in my way of fun/play time. Yes it pays the bills and feeds me and the dogs, but dangit ::: stomps foot :::

Back to reality… Since I have to work to get the money I need for daily life, I have since decided that instead I will just find me a man. One that either has money or has the ability to make it. Sounding a bit Gold Digger’ish, yes, but not intended to. This man must also adore me, run at my beckon call, buy me flowers for no reason; other than he adores me, adore my dogs and buy them toys; just because he adores them…and most importantly… he must love Halloween!! Not loving Halloween is a total deal breaker people. Him having the ability to build stuff; because he likes to and welding are a huge plus. There is one more thing… no kids. I do not and will never want children. Ahem… not to mention you must be single ::: rolls eyes ::: .

You can send any applications to boospooky.com@gmail.com. I will look them over and may or may not get back with you.

Now that that’s out of the way… and my pretend A.D.D is put away, I will get on topic. What was that again… Oh look shiney!! ::: rolls eyes :::

Have you ever typed out whatever popped in your head? It can be freaky and make you want stay away from Asylums, for fear they would find out. Yes I am rambling it seems but I’m going to make a point here…I think.
The point is, my head lately will not stop with ideas. Once I finished the Reapling, which gave me something to focus on, my head is running in circles, chasing its own tail, trying to figure out what is next.

  • I want to paint a cabinet for my jewelry to go in the bathroom.
  • I want to paint the barrister cabinet that I keep all of my curios in.
  • I want to start making fridge magnets and little pins to sell.
  • I have two canvas’s started that quickly halted once I got the backgrounds painted.
  • I have 8 very large canvas I want to do something with but need to get the airbrush setup…still.
  • I look outside and think I need to make spooky garden art.
  • I have witches I want to make.
  • What about Halloween props…!!

So as you can see… I have artist A.D.D. If you can picture the scene from Wizard of Oz where Dorothy is in her bedroom looking out the window watching the witch ride by on her bike and Toto, etc., that is about what it feels like. Then suddenly by brain will go… Oooohhhh shiney!! and off I go onto something else.

So the blog has suffered due to all of this head clutter. I would do spring cleaning but all these ideas actually keep me entertained, especially when sitting in the lobby of the doctors office. You just have to be careful when you giggle out loud, always keep a magazine in your hands just in case. :: wink ::

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