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So I’m sitting here watching the television show House while I’m waiting for the Reapling to bake in the oven…funny thought is that it’s his own version of hell :::giggles:::.

Anyway, I’m half watching the show and the actress catches my eye finally, thought process goes something like ::: Oh, she looks familiar. Oh yeah, it’s whats her face from That 70’s Show :::, then I start paying attention to what she is saying. Her and her boyfriend are at the hospital, her being the patient, and they are discussing the fact that she has a Blog and blogs about everything…yada yada. One statement catches me, he says to her something about the internet has made people feel less alone and like they belong with others of like minds.

Now for the ‘bink’ moment… I was/am a late bloomer when it comes to creating art. I didn’t truly start my addiction until I was in my late 30’s. The thoughts on creating things and loving certain types of art were always in my mind but behind a very think fog of daily life, taboo’s and other life teachings/social acceptances. Yes, I took drawing, leather, pottery and other assorted crafty type classes in high school but it really ended there. I tried my hand at odd and end craft things, hook rugs, needlepoint (bleh to both) and other ‘kit’ style types of crafts that non-crafty’ness people tend to lean on. I hated them all and never completed any of them.

The internet happened… I didn’t get my first computer until I was 28’ish and the first several years were filled with chatting online and PC Games. I did searches here and there for whatever peaked my interest at the time but since I was married and in a horrible place emotionally my brain wasn’t… on, and neither were my emotions. I literally walked around just doing things in routine, never exploring.
So we jump forward several years to the divorce and awakening. Having been the one doing the divorcing it turned my confidence and emotions back on. My world literally opened up, having fought my first fight on my own and won, my brain did an amazing thing, it turned on my creativeness. It didn’t only turn it on, it friggin flooded me. I was utterly drowning with ideas and things I needed to make. But how? and not only how… once I do create, what do I do with the creepy spooky things I’m coming up with. Ok wait… I like creepy and spooky things, what are people going to think? Who’s going to enjoy this stuff besides me? People aren’t suppose to like creepy and spooky things, at least per society and comparatively to my family and friends…they don’t like creepy things.

The thought process went on…I settled on Halloween. Halloween is safe for people that like the spookiness in art right? So I will focus on that, we will keep it to Halloween. I went with that for a few years… I just love Halloween so much that I like it all year long, that is what I told people that would be closed minded to imagination and art and I still find myself settling for that explanation at times.

Now back to the statement originally made about the internet. I hit the internet like flies to a bug zapper. I found my family of creepy art loving friends!!! Woooo Hoooo… I’m not insane or alone anymore. ::: dances a jig ::: OH WAIT!! Not only is there like minds, there are How To’s and Tutorials!!! OMG! ::: brain explodes :::

The first couple of years I hit digital art and I hit it like a rabid dog. I showed myself that I could do it, created a few things and wasn’t satisfied. Yeah, I was proud of what I did and other people loved it, but I wasn’t really happy. My hands weren’t really happy. So discouragement set in again.

Couple of years go by…

Then one day I hear that voice in my head say: “Wait…creepy art = Halloween right?” Lets start there… I had made a couple of Halloween props in the past, simple things really, a cloths stuffed body with a store bought mask. That evolved into a duct tape body double and so on.

Finally one thing led to another and I was making actual paper mache props. Wow!!! I can do this and surprisingly it came naturally AND my hands were happy!

Now I’m going for smaller versions so I can ‘maybe’ make some extra money off of what I love. Learning all of the little techniques of Poly Clay, etc.

::: phew ::: Life story here… you still with me? I’m loosing momentum so the end is near…heh.

Besides the divorce making me find myself and showing me that I actually enjoy who I am and the things I’m interested in… The Internet Rules!!!!

So to all of you beginners out there… don’t fill overwhelmed and remember that even the professionals are constantly learning. Life sometimes happens.
If it isn’t fun and satisfying…don’t do it!! Find a different technique that is yours. Paper mache is NOT just for kids. PVC is NOT just for plumbers.

Play you silly adults, PLAY!!!

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