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It’s Easter and a happy day to you all. No matter your Easter traditions, I wish you all a wondrous time with them. As for me? The fam is going to a buffet around 3pm and that will about cover it. I may do a little bit of artsy’ness later. I have a new idea swimming in my head and have set aside the last project I was working on. It wasn’t going the direction I originally intended so until it whispers to me what it really wants to be, I will let it rest.

Now to the Artist Spotlight. John Schwegel, per his Facebook page, says “I like to draw spooky cute freakies and beasties.” You can also find his blog here.

To keep in the Easter’ness theme…here is a couple of his works:

Oooooppsss… How did this one get in there :::giggles:::

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