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So I have gotten the prop building bug finally. Watching the Garage of Evils Drink and Think today helped quite a bit.

I have several ideas for what I want to build, to name a few:

  • More pumpkin spooklings like Mauly and Cucur
  • Ghosts
  • PVC Trees

Having the idea is the first step, now doing it is posing to be a tad difficult. I think the Daylight Savings Time and being under the weather with some health stuff, has bitten me in the creative energy butt. My evil little minions, that is what I call my slothness, laziness, procrastination’ness and sofa sitting attitudes, that seem to arise and put a damper on my imagination and creativeness are what I blame mostly.

Believe me, I have kicked and screamed at the minions to no avail. I can literally walk past The Skullery, my craft room, look in the doorway at something I have going, sigh and walk back to the living room to the couch.

I have recently had a discussion with myself and have agreed with myself to not feel guilty over the procrastination and lazies. I’m working on a new theory to overthrow the minions. They prefer us to feel the guilt and whatnot, but not anymore.  I’m going to chalk it up to needing the rest and ‘dead’ time in my brain. Re-charging if you will. I will not let the minions win, no sir’ee.

I will be back soon, very soon, and cool things will come of it.

One Response to “Got a hanker’n for prop build’n”

  • LOL! Your blog posts always make me smile. Of course I am looking forward to anything you create! Recharging batteries is good….can I borrow that as my excuse?! 😀


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