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Colin Stimpson is an awesome artist. His Bio can be read here. His work tends to lend to animation, which I normally shy away from due to it’s ‘fairytale’ feeling. I prefer less ‘Princessy’ type stuff but I have to admit, he has me hooked on his Witches. They have enough of the old Hag, creep feel to them and it draws me in. No pun intended, heh. I will be buying the book How to Cook Children: A grisly recipe book by Martin Howard and illustrated by Colin Stimpson

You can see his work on his website and on his blog. And here we go with the art work…

This is from a book he illustrated for called The Wickedest Witch, I think. He has the pictures listed in the same blog post. I love the trees!!!

The rest of these photos are from How to Cook Children

Mad Elaine de la Moustache

Iris O’Rambly

Sheila Q. Barby

There are other photos, these are just a few. If his style tickles your fancy, go over and check him out.

6 Responses to “Artist Spotlight – Colin Stimpson”

  • Peanutgnome MonsterID Icon Peanutgnome:

    Ahh, you and your love of gnarled old trees…
    Thanks for pointing Colin out, some pretty cool stuff!

  • I should give credit to Rot for showing him on his site earlier today.

    You know its weird about my fascination with gnarly, craggy trees. There are a few things that make me literally stop what I’m doing and stare or awe over them. Tree’s are one, old gravestones, black clouds when the sun is still shining, lightning and of course…puppies.

  • pam morris MonsterID Icon pam morris:

    thanks! really enjoyed looking at these–think I’m convinced to buy the book, too! re the trees: don’t think its weird at all–sometimes the trees personify human feelings–a really horribly twisted tree makes me think of agony and pain but also forging onward, regardless. (geez, maybe I AM weird!)

  • Look at all the frogs!!! 😀

    Two good reasons to buy this…thanks for sharing.


  • colin stimpson MonsterID Icon colin stimpson:

    Thank you for your kind comments. I really appreciate it.
    Best wishes.

  • Colin – You are very welcome!! Keep up the awesome’ness!

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