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I love funny looking little creatures. I actually find the ones that most people label ‘ugly’ as very adorable. Probably why I love Chinese Cresteds and Xoloitzcuintli dogs. I am currently owned by a Chinese Crested “Whisper”.

I also have a thing for Sloths, Flying Fox Bats, Fruit Bats…ok, many different types of Bats and other little things I can’t think of at the moment. Did I ever tell you guys I tried my hand at Little Brown Bat rehab? They have a very LOW survival rate once in rehab so I stepped away from it. That’s a story for a different time.

The reason for this here post is because of the Aye Aye. I’m sure many of you have seen the pictures of the Aye Aye floating around the internet and may have wondered what it is, like I did, or maybe you didn’t, heh! You can find the official explanation on Wiki, that the Aye Aye is a species of Lemur from Madagascar.

Here are a few pictures of the mysterious creature I speak of, I’m thinking I may have to do some creature creations in Poly Clay…

Photo by David Haring – Baby Aye Aye

Below photos found on Daily Artisan

12 Responses to “Aye Aye you cute little creatures”

  • pam morris MonsterID Icon pam morris:

    oh, this little guy is adorable! I see what you mean…he just begs to be sculpted!

  • Aaahww..! What a cute doggies those Cresteds! Can you show some pictures of Whisper? First i thought the Aye Aye was a bat 🙂 Lovely creature! I’m sure gonna try and sculp it one day!

  • Nichole MonsterID Icon Nichole:

    That thing is crazy adorable! I’m surprized none of your dutch visitors have left any comments. Just take what they want and leave, never call again. How rude (lol)

  • I know!!! I just check the hits on the site and it’s up to 2900 at 6:30pm

  • Jill MonsterID Icon Jill:

    That “thing” is hideous you people are insane!!!!!!! It has yellow eyes for heavens sake!!! You guys wouldn’t know cute if it smacked you in the face.

  • It’s ok Jill if you aren’t insane like the rest of us. We won’t hold it against you.

  • Nichole MonsterID Icon Nichole:

    Come on now Jill, he’s got eyes just like a Cullen’s. You know you love those fuzzy wuzzy Cullen’s.

  • Ann Allen MonsterID Icon Ann Allen:

    Um it is very interesting to say the least but I do expect that he has been best friends with a demon or two.

  • Ashley MonsterID Icon Ashley:

    Aye-Ayes are SO cute! They are most definataly my favorite animal of all time. I love them!

  • sandra MonsterID Icon sandra:

    OMG. Cutest thing I have ever seen. I want one. I LOVE HIM.

  • Samantha MonsterID Icon Samantha:

    I WANT IT! I was so mad when I heard why they are endangered, people think there “Bad Omens” and kill them on site. I try to understand different cultures but this makes me too mad because they are the CUTEST things in the WHOLE world!

  • Brenda MonsterID Icon Brenda:

    Well Jill, seeing as how the native people to madigascar killed them on sight for quite some time, you may not be the odd one out afterall. They were believed to be bad luck! But now its understood that these ‘ugly’ creatures are simply missunderstood. they are only so ‘ugly’ because they are nocturnal (giving them those eyes) and born premature, making there fur and general disspotion quite holesome. although i love the furry leamurs, don’t hate on jill for being ignorant to this adorible creature

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