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I am amazed by cakes now-a-days. I don’t mean the typical, Happy Birthday Joey cakes, no… I mean these designer cakes that are shapes put together with colors that amaze. It seems they can do almost anything with cake, buttercream and a bunch of other stuff I will probably never use in the kitchen…including my airbrush, at least I won’t be using it with my food, heh.

ZOMBIES! over on Facebook posted a post showing a picture of a zombie cake, I had to follow the link, and what I found just tickled me. Threadless.com and Chris Cardinal had an online cake contest called ThreadCakes. You have got to go over and check these cakes out… amazement…sheer amazement. The designs for the cakes are based off of Threadless t-shirt designs…it’s part of the rules.

Here are a few that grabbed me by the eyeballs. If you click on the pictures of the cakes the link will take you to its entry and all of the ingredients plus the photos of progression.

I wish I were here is the name of the original t-shirt design. Obvious that the devil wanted to make snow angels…

Now check out the cake…

The next one is called The Red and here is the original t-shirt design:

Now for the cake, ::: giggles ::: …it’s awesome!!

The last I will show you is Zombie Nomz, here is the original t-shirt design:

…and now the awesome’ness that is the cake…

4 Responses to “Spooky food…mmm cake”

  • The first cake is absolutely mind-blowing. Not sure I could bring myself to eat it.

  • Wow, thanks for the great links….and you know the frog queen LOVES the LOL noms cake. I want that for my birthday!! (Do you mind…I am going to post that on my blog….I will definately link back to you!)


  • Chris – Post to your hearts content!

    GF – I know, huh!!

  • I saw the cake on The Frog Queen’s site, and had to come take a look at the others! They are awesome!!

    I love your photos, and the whole feel of your blog! I too love trees, and have posted one covered in ice on my Halloween blog, if you want to come take a peek. It is interesting what people are seeing in it! You’ll have to scroll down a bit.

    Have a beautiful weekend, and thanks for sharing those cake photos!!

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