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I’m feeling a bit, ok a bunch, neglectful of this here website. Numerous excuses come to mind, none are truly good enough.

I must not neglect the spooky’ness, it has done nothing but treat me right. So to set things right I’ve decided to grab a few pics to appease my spooky bone and to give the readers something to gaze upon.

Fixer Upper – Photo by Dempster Lane’s

United Pumpkins – Photo by Sparth

United Pumpkins

One Response to “Feeling neglectful”

  • LOVE the spooky house!!! I would put my art studio way up on the top!!!! Yes, you need to keep in the spooky mood…go rent some great DVDs to get in the mood…I just watched “Drag me to Hell” LOVED IT!!!!!!
    Glad your back posting!
    Bugs & Hisses

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