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Man this winter has kicked me in the teeth when it comes to doing anything after work/on the weekends, except sit on the couch and watch TV. The older I get the more I hibernate in winter and get a very bad case of the lethargics.

So what am I going to do about it? I have decided that to get me out of my non-creating rut I’m going to bring Super Sculpy to work with me to get me going on making the miniature Halloween props/art dolls that I have wanted to start on.
I have also decided to go and buy $20 in Lottery tickets to see if I can get out of Alaska sooner than the summer of 2012 date I have decided on.

I will get back to the art doll explanation in a minute, money tends to trump things at the moment.
What would I buy with the lottery money? Well, after taxes I’m looking at around $350K, its a $500K lottery. First thing is to get the current home I’m living in remodeled for selling, I’m thinking around $20K for everything. The house is in my parents name, I never bought it from them but instead pay the mortgage every month. While the house is having some work done we, we being the fam and I, would zip down to Bend, Oregon to have a look around and I would start looking for a house. I’m thinking I would keep the house price around $200k, 4 bedroom, 2+ baths, 3 car garage (have to have room for the studio and Halloween props). If I find a house at that time, I would buy it, then come back home to get ready to move. We would sell the house andย  my parents would keep all the profits from it. Once moved I would buy a brand new GMC truck in Oregon, and my old truck, that would still be here in Alaska, could either be kept by my parents or I would sell it.
Thats about it, besides paying off bills and making sure I had a bit left over to live on before I found work.

Now to the art dolls. I have never been a doll kinda gal. Ok, I take that back… I use to blow up Barbies when me cousin and I would attack her with his GI Joes. Total Tom Boy as a kid and I still have quite a bit of it remaining. With that said… I have found a new appreciation for dolls as I have gotten older and realized that all dolls don’t have to be little Princess’s or Drama Queens or even be owned by little Princess’s or Drama Queens.
I love Halloween such that I have found that I need to scale down, not scale back, on my Halloween creations. Why not make smaller versions of the props I have built/want to build? I’m aware that putting a 12″ sized rendition of Cucur or Mauly (to name the most current full sized props I have built) in my front yard isn’t going to scare anyone. What it will do though is: 1) Get some of the overwhelming prop ideas into physical creation 2) Hopefully make me some extra money.

My main problem in starting anything new is: researching it until I’m blue in the face… no, make that red in the face. By then I have had so many other ideas hit me that something entirely different is what I want to focus on and off I go researching. The funny thing is… I know that if I just start doing something, I get into it and the research didn’t do me much good anyway… but I still find myself in that same cycle. I also think I have a fear of failure gnawing at my subconscious. Yes I have given it the finger and it persists to keep gnawing.

So besides being an A.D.D artist, I am now attempting to jump into an area I know very little about…erm wait, I have researched the hell out of art dolls and should by all rights be a professional, heh!

I would like a push though by any and all that have found the tips and tricks of working with Poly Clay for making Art Dolls. That and air dry clay will be the materials of choice. I do worry about air dry clay not being strong enough for items that may be pose-able though.

Any input is greatly appreciated!!!

** Update **

Here is a picture of the head I started. First miniature head…wooo hoooo!!

6 Responses to “I’m a slacker, I know…”

  • pam morris MonsterID Icon pam morris:

    hey, art dolls are my main way of living…whatever help I can give, I will…just ask! happy to share!

  • pam morris MonsterID Icon pam morris:

    welcome…by the way, the little dude is lookin’ good already!

  • So glad to hear from you again and it looks like you have been busy. So happy to hear that your are expanding your prop building skills. Something, that I am relearning :), is good for the soul ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, moving to Bend, Oregon?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cool, nice area, I have friends that live in that area and love it.

    BTW – Husband and I are contemplating heading up to Alaska to visit our friends Sam and Michelle and maybe help them with their haunt. I will let you know the dates (if and when) and maybe we could get together and say “hi” ?

    Sorry, if I sound like a stalker there…really, just being friendly ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Chris that would be awesome to meet you and the Jeff!!! Don’t worry about seeming like a stalker…Haunters unite!!! Please do let me know when/if you guys are coming up. Hopefully Michelle will find a location here in Anchorage for the haunt so that I can stalk her! Heh!

    Funny thing about Bend, I have never been there but everyone I talk to that has been there makes it sound wonderful. We plan on doing a trip down to look around but we haven’t set a date yet.

    Hopefully I can get this mini-prop’s/art dolls off the ground. It takes up so much less space!!! Until I have a house with a 3 car garage I won’t be able to make many more full size ones due to storage… ugh!

  • Laura Haviland MonsterID Icon Laura Haviland:

    Kimily love your art work and blog. I will love following you on your blog !!! Your awesome………. I will be back for more, what a pleasure.Hugs, Laura.
    Makes me want to try a new art style seeing your art.

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