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So 2010 is just a day or so away and so is my 42nd birthday. Yes, I’m a New Years baby and I’m famous… ok, not really so famous but I was the first baby born in Alaska in 1968. You would think it isn’t all that common to be a New Years baby, but my Uncle/God Father is and I dated the guy that was the first baby born in Alaska in 1967. Now Leap Year is a different story… which my best friend from High School is a Leap Year baby and I tease her every year about not having a birthday yet, technically she is only 11!

I digress… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ::: insert fireworks here :::

Now to bring the year in right here is a bit of Spooky food’ness.

Pumpkin Rot posted a pic on his blog, which I had to follow. I’m not a Candy Apple eating fan, yes…I was as a child though. These look spectacular!!! Click on the image to go Matt’s blog, he posted the story and recipe for the apples below… Adam’s Scary Apples.

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