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I ran across this artist in rather a round about way. I have the website Crappy Taxidermy setup in my Google Reader feed and one of his pieces showed up as a post. I attached that post to the above Crappy Taxidermy link.

Alex CF is a self described cryptozoological scientific assemblage artist and illustrator and resides in the UK. If you like ephemera of anytime, especially anything zoological in nature, you will love his art. Even if you aren’t the collector of the unusual you should check out what he creates. It’s awesome!!!

Here is Chompy a Martian Botanical Device – This specific preservation device contains a juvenile “carnivorus muscipula” a flesh eating plant which can grow to 20 feet in height. At this size they draw their nutrients from the soil, which is kept rich by the device. If kept in a controlled environment the plant will never need feeding flesh as a form of sustenance.

A vacuum exists between the plant and the outside world, controlled and maintained by the complex filtration system which draws air in, adding and subtracting the necessary components. The small glass fronted charts display the key biological information regarding this specimen. A self contained ecosystem… More

The Henrich Emille Rectangle – You must read this story behind this yourself…More



19th century anatomical study cabinet No.1 – 1915: Bought in an estate clearance, with no apparent name attached, the esteemed Dr. Merrylin traced the small inscription at the base of one of the specimens to the royal college of surgeons, where one Thadeus Belacleese had once worked and taught. He was also the chief physician to the Queen of England, until his private work was discovered and shunned…More


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