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Continuing on with the Spooky Christmas theme, here are a few more to add. As I said in the earlier post Ghoul Friday is going to be one to watch for more Creepy Christmas items. Jumping right on in…

Zombie Wreaths – Fa la la la la, la la la brains.


Owl Wreaths


Joyce Stahl from Enchanted Productions makes some awesome dolls. She works in Fabric and Paper Clay and what she cooks up is just pure spooky goodness. Read her profile here. Now for Happy Havoc and Merry Mayhem…

Happy Havoc


Merry Mayhem


Dave the Dead from over at The Shadow Farm is whipping up some Christmas mischievous’ness. He as conjured the Christmas Goblins over on the farm and has decided to spread the cheer to us. You can pick these up in his Etsy shop but they are going quick.

The Christmas Goblins


More Goblins…

I’m going to keep a search’n for more Spooky Christmas’ness…check back soon.

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