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I’m not into decorating for Christmas, although I will say there is something to be seen with white lit decorations in a yard full of snow. Gives a bit of brightness to the dark and dreary time of year, a spark of hope for sunshine maybe? I dunno, but otherwise I’m just not into the tinsel, glittery’ness. Having said that there is something to be said about Spookifying Christmas a bit.

For example, here are some Christmas Carols played in a minor key with a bit of horror movie flare added in. You can buy this CD over on Panda Smash, it’s $11.95 and called Evil Christmas Carols. My favorite is Silent Night (Because your Dead) and The Peanuts Death March.

Before I start throwing the Etsy finds at you I have to show you what Ghoul Friday has been up to for her Christmas Decorations.

He Ain’t No Frosty blog post shows these fabulous little guys. Although she claims she is experimenting with these little snowmen, I believe she has gotten the recipe just right!


Keep a watch for more to come from her!

Now the Etsy finds…

Raven Fae Creations has some wonderful little creepy things for Christmas, here is one little guy:


Spooky Hollow is another that is doing some Spooky Christmas’ness:


There are many others, I did a search on Etsy for Spooky Christmas.

So you have your decorations or are planning on the family making their own spookiness for the tree… well why not have a Black Christmas Tree to hang them on. Last year was the first year that I noticed that Walmart was selling Black Artificial Christmas tree’s. Awesome!! Here is the Google search page for Black Christmas Tree’s.

Heck… if your going for Whimsical why not put up an Upside Down Christmas Tree? Google search results are here.

Well that’s all I got for now. My web searching and blog posting has been taken up by looking up information on Bend, Oregon. The fam is thinking about moving there in a few years, so I’m trying to find out all the info I can. It’s looking awesome so far!!

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