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I have asked for an airbrush setup for Christmas from the Santa. Yes I am still spoiled and love my parents astronomically for it, I only wish I could do the same for them.

I digress… We are looking online for Airbrush and Compressor reviews and most reviews I find seem to be slanted by the company selling the items.

I would like to hear from the artists and users of the airbrushes themselves.
What I’m wanting in an airbrush and compressor is:

  • The ability to do fine detail and the ability to do base coat painting as well.
  • I would prefer Gravity feed, at least from what I have read.
  • Dual Action, also from what I have read.
  • The paints, which I don’t know a thing about airbrush paints, will be acrylics, inks and clear coats.
  • As for the Compressor: Oil Less, condensation filter, not sure about the PSI.

Any suggestions you can give a complete beginner to airbrushing would be awesome!!

Here is one of the kits we were looking at Dick Blick Complete Airbrush Kit

2 Responses to “HELP!! Airbrush questions…”

  • You know, Sam and Michelle over at Gateway to Darkness know airbrush, well, probably more make up, but I am sure if you had the time to volunteer for them Michelle would be happy to teach you what she knows. I wish I knew more to help you, I am more of a brush artist myself.

    Good luck. You do great work I am sure you will pick up the airbrush tricks in no time.


  • I spoke to Michelle and she let me know which ones she uses and which on she prefers out of the two brands she has.

    If they move the haunt to Anchorage I think they will have to keep me from sleeping there!

    I’m a brush artist myself but I figure for painting larger area’s with a base coat, it will be much faster.

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