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Since my PHD (Post Halloween Depression) seems to have lifted and the mourning is over, I believe its time for some Blog updating. I’m going to go a searching for some more wonderific Etsy shops and artists to add. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment.

I may rework some of the menu bar menu’s so if the site flickers here and there, I’m the cause of the hiccup. Heh! I just referred to myself as indigestion.

Added a Share This link to the bottom of the posts.

Etsy shops added:


The Shadow Farm

Valeriote’s Designs

Spooky Hollow

Wormwood Hollow

Chad Savage


Pumpkin Hollow

Aqua Koala

Mealy Monster


Oberon’s Wood

Agonys Decay’s

Twisted Sister Art’s

Custom Zombie

Dreadful Things by Raven

Lorri Marie

Creepy Glowbugg Creations

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