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I hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween. I know amongst the Home Haunters it can be a stressful time, especially with the weather being either too wet or too windy for the props, let alone the prop makers, to withstand for long periods.

As for me, I dressed myself as a Couch Potato, literally. I stayed at home and watched various movies and shows and snuggled down with my dogs, having turned out all of the lights so that the ToT’s (Trick or Treater’s) wouldn’t come a knocking. I will admit I peeked through the blinds, now and again, to see the cars streaming down the street, filled with little one’s, soon to be begging for candy at any door they could find. It seemed that most of my neighbors had the same idea that I did, and closed up tight for the evening.

Years ago my house was the place that many came to from near and far, because I decorated every year. Once I was divorced, I found it difficult for one person to put out all the decorations, even though I was the only one decorating even when married. There is something about having another person there with you to enjoy the squeals and screams of the ToT’s, being alone and asking the dogs if they saw how fast that one ballerina ran back to the car, well…it isn’t as satisfying.

My family isn’t as ‘over the top’ as I am about Halloween, even though they understand and accept that I am, it still isn’t the same as having someone there to share it with. My Brother loves what I can do to his yard for Halloween, I started decorating their yard instead, but for the last two years, have not and now may not again. Why? Well I would prefer to do my own yard, it is much easier not having to carry all of the props and decorations to and from his house. I will admit I prefer his house due to the number of ToT’s that he receives. Also, if the side business takes off, I may be too busy to decorate for either of us.

In all honesty I would adore working in a Haunted House instead. Not only does HH’s go for longer than one night, its typically warm and dry. The thrill of being part of a HH is amazing, you almost always leave smiling, even after someone has tried to yank you through part of a prop or took a swing at you out of being scared.

Halloween is the only holiday that I really enjoy, even though with the last couple I feel like I’m missing something. I will hold onto the spirit as long as they are still showing the stragglers of Halloween’esque TV shows and movies. I may even put a Santa hat on Mauly and Cucur and leave them in the living room.

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  • Ah, sorry to hear that your Halloween as magical as it could be. šŸ™ If I had Mauly and Cucur…I would leave them up all year too!!!

    BTW – I am sure Sam and Michelle would love a helper out at their haunt! šŸ˜€


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