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So I started posting an idea over on my Facebook page. Facebook is limited to the length of content so I said…what the heck…lets just blog it.

Whats this idea? I got to thinking back on the posts I’ve seen here and there from Halloween enthusiasts that have problems with nay-saying neighbors. People that just don’t understand what it is to have a love of all things Halloween, others that hide behind religious reasons and then there are those that just need something to complain about. There will always be the anti’s out there and I have run in to a number of them myself.

The one place that a number of us would love to decorate all year long is the outside of our homes. For me personally it isn’t about the all year yard decorations, its the architect of my house itself.

So I still haven’t mentioned the idea… A Gated Community for Halloween/Dark Art/Art enthusiasts.

At first I thought the convenience would be that all houses must have a spookiness to them, but now that I think about it…no. They can have whatever originality you wish…except maybe pink. There would be the Home Owners Assoc. that you must go to for having your plans voted on, but only because we don’t want to piss off the neighbor across the street because you put up a neon flashing skull in the yard that flashes directly in his/her bedroom, all year long. There would also need to be a time in place for the noise ordinance… we all know how loud an air compressor can be when its re-filling, or when saws or air hammers are going off while building props and art.

Where does this idea come from? I think it stems from my childhood drawings of house plans. I always had hidden passages and secret rooms. Most of that was brought on by watching The Munsters and the Addams Family as a child. Why not have a community of like minds? When you go to hang your distressed broken shutters, your neighbor cheerfully lends a hand instead of calling the city zoning guys.

Yes, I understand that some of us like mixing with the anti’s, there is a thrill to seeing your neighbors shake there heads in disbelief or disdain. I do love it myself at times, especially when they have been put in their places by their children that love what we do.

4 Responses to “Off the wall ideas…”

  • It could be like a Halloween commune where we barter with each other. I’ll paint your prop if you can convert the wiper motor for me. That kind of thing 😉

  • Yup and we wouldn’t tolerate any of those Desperate Housewives either. We could literally turn them into props. I’m sure LaurieBeast could do some clay and makeup work on them to have them pass as ‘less than human’…lol

  • Mike Taylor MonsterID Icon Mike Taylor:

    Thank you for the great blog – I am happy that there is someone else that enjoys this as much as I do. I feel bad sometimes when I am building something that I think the neighbors will freak about, but then, life is short. I would definitely try to live there! I thought that I was the only one who wants an all year Haunted House…


  • Mike…there are many of us out there. Check out my Links page and join us on Facebook and Twitter, if you haven’t already!

    At least until I can win the Lottery to buy the acreage to start the commune. LOL!

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