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Mauly came to work with me for my Halloween display. I have heard rumor, here at work, that they do decorating contests for the larger Holidays but anyone that knows me knows… it’s just the fact that it’s Halloween and things must be decorated.ย  Mauly wasn’t created just for the work display, she was created to be a little minion to Cucur. They both have very similar paint jobs, so seeing the relation between the two is noticeable.

Cucur hasn’t yet been setup in a Halloween display, he has sat lonely in my living room while waiting for his day to come. If he would fit in my truck cab I would just bring him to work, but since he would only fit in the bed of the truck he doesn’t get go for the ride.

Here is Mauly getting to play just outside mommy’s office door. I want to thank Beth for taking the photo of her.


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