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There are several artists out there that have made some awesome Halloween stuff… and I’ve been too distracted to blog about them. Well I can’t take it anymore, I have to show you a few that I have seen over the last couple of weeks.

Creager Studios

First we have Creager Studios, they have posted a few things on their Ebay site you should also check out their Etsy site as well.

Here is one of the pictures of the Pumpkin Elves… Not so spooky… but very Halloweeny:

PS 1

William Bezek

Next we have Mr. William Bezek. Wil has done several projects lately as well. He has even been asked by an American company to do a project that they can mass produce in China. He is a bit tossed up on what he should really do in this situation, go take a look at his blog post on the subject and vote on what you think he should do.

Meanwhile… check this pair out. Wil reproduces dead so well.. don’t you think.

Dead Dolls_72

Pat Benedict

Pat over at Woopitydooart makes haunted dollhouse sized miniatures and other spooky creations. She was recently spotlighted in the American Miniaturist Magazine as well!! Go check out her website, she has lots of goodies to oogle over.

Check out this Fedora that she decorated:

freakyfedora 028

freakyfedora 025

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