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I am literally a Raven lunatic. From where I sit, here on the couch, I can see five pictures of ravens. I have collected them in various ways, pictures, stuffed animals, trinkets, tattoos, jewelry… basically anything that catches my fancy. Mind you I don’t collect ‘anything and everything’ that is raven related, it must speak to me in some way to be added to the collection.

My love for them started long long ago. I can’t put a finger on one single thing that drew me to them as a child, but I always watched them when they were around. As I grew older I slowly, very slowly, started collecting them in picture form.  Then it was jewelry pieces here and there. It wasn’t until 1996 that I took the ultimate step and became a Wild Bird Rehab’er and Common Ravens were my bird of choice for rehab. I have had numerous ravens here in the house and out in the back yard aviary. I have fed noisey, demanding fledglings and hand fed the sickly ones. I have put some to sleep due to non-survivable injuries and released others back to the air.  I have also mourned the loss of the ravens I had for long periods, kept only due to being non-releasable and used as education training for the public.

I stopped rehabbing birds in 2002 but my love for the ravens will never fade.

If you need reference photos of ravens… CordovaRaven on Flickr is one awesome place to get them.

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the photographers Flickr page.


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