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Ok Ok… it’s actually called the Grimvisions Ghastly Halloween 2009 Giveaway and if you do not participate you are, well… not one of the cool kids and we WILL make fun of you.
I will admit I’m a bit biased on the whole Grimvisions giveaways, why? I won the last one!!! ::: squeals ::: and I’m sending my minions back over to Grim’s to whisper in his ear while he sleeps.
Do I have a favorite between the three prizes? Hell no!!! I secretly salivate over all three artists talent. Er…wait… now it’s not a secret. Crap!!

Jump on over to the Grimvisions blog and check out how you can go about winning, while I try to figure out how to cover up my coveting the artistes monstrous creativity. ::: stomps off mumbling :::

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