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In my hermitage lifestyle, I have soooo got to get out more, I have totally missed the fact that we have a newer Haunted House attraction here in Alaska. It isn’t in the same city as I am so that would be why I had missed it, and due to being cooped up with my own creations…creating.

I recently joined Facebook, in an attempt to network myself so that I can start selling on Etsy. What I didn’t expect was that it would connect me with locals. Frankly I had given up on their being any  local Halloween’heads and lovers of the spooky arts.  Well, by joining Facebook I found Michelle, owner of Gateway to Darkness.

The Gateway to Darkness opens October 2nd at 7pm, all times and dates can be found on their website. The admission is $12 and their locations is:
1241 W. Melanie Ave, Unit 4, Wasilla, Alaska 99654

With fingers crossed, mine that is, I’m hoping that we can connect other locals to the oh so wonderful world of spookiness and the Haunt. Alaskans spookites where are you? It’s ok to come out now… we won’t judge, unless you show up with a bloody cleaver with real blood… then we will have to run, run really fast.

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  • I know the owners Sam and Michelle from attending haunt convesions!!! LOL! I knew they when they just haunted their house and garage! It is great to see them go from that to professional haunt. They are both great people! If you stop by, tell them Davis Graveyard says “hi”


  • It’s such a small world… literally for the Haunt communities! Heh! I think she added me as a friend on Facebook or vice versa, due to mutual friends and I hadn’t even posted my location then, so I don’t think she knew I was here in Alaska :::shrug:::. I looked at her page and was like… ummm that says Wasilla Alaska!!
    I had heard that we had a Haunt in Wasilla but its about an hours+ drive so I had never gone. If $$$ is good Michelle says they are thinking of doing a Haunt here in Anchorage. I am soooo friggin stoked!!!

    I will tell them for sure!!! I want to go out and take a look at the haunt to see if there is anything I can make for her.

  • Very cool! They have been trying to get us to come up there and build a facade on their current haunt….maybe next summer, we will let you know if we are in the area.


  • That would be awesome!!! Can I play, can I? can I?

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