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Dave has been cranking out the Etsy shop items lately. I seriously think he has either been possessed or he is channeling pure energy from somewhere. All I know is… I want some of that energy!!

His latest creation, which you should really go over to his Blog and his Etsy shop and see what he is doing, the latest is so far my absolutely favorite. If I had the money I would buy it, and eat Ramen for a week until I was paid again, but… I have already bought the Ramen for this week. ::: sigh :::

So why has my brain gone all pitter patter over this latest creation? Besides the fact that I’m a Raven lunatic… Dave doesn’t actually mention this to be a Raven but look at the beak baby!! Raven…yup.

Here is the story behind this here creation:

Legend says there once existed a small bird with a song so dissonant and mournful that it had the ability to wake the dead. This item was found in the bottom of an abandoned cistern during an “Urban Archeology” project. It is believed that this small bird was the sole cause of the 1804 Zombie Rebellion.

Skeletal Bird

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