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I received my book Brains vs. Coffee today. I immediately ran in the house, put the dogs out and went to go change from my work cloths. I found myself half changed standing in the kitchen chuckling as I read through the first 10 pages or so. Barks from the backyard interrupted my reading, making me rather grumpy of course. I left the book in the kitchen and went for the back door, as I strolled onto the back porch exclaiming “Your keeping me from my brain reading!” I noticed the neighbor smiling at me from his back deck. Hmmm… brains, he use to be a grade school principal and is now a general contractor… wonder if his would taste like sweet revenge from grade school trauma’s or just sawdust?
I quickly return to changing out of work cloths, pat the dogs on the head and aim for the couch with book in hand. Numerous chuckles, out right laughs and nods of acknowledgements later I finished the book. This is what I have to say…

I will admit, I’m not a coffee drinker but I am a friend of caffeine. I know its pull, calling, and it’s revenge. Brains… well I can’t live without it.

Go buy the book!! Go NOW.

Brains vs. Coffee


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  • Oh … it IS an awesome read! Been through the book several times and still chuckle at the same points each time. YES … it is a MUST have for both Coffee and Brain eaters. 🙂

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