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As a child I would draw primitive schematics for my dream home. There were always hidden rooms and passages, slides that went from one floor to the next and even a fireman’s pole. One drawing had glass floors so that there was a fun house ‘falling’ effect when looking down while walking.

The interior of the house was something between The Munsters and The Addams family. I even wanted a staircase that raised up like The Munsters had for their pet Spot, but my staircase would lift up to reveal the staircase going down to the basement.

The grounds of the house would have to have a cemetery. Where I was raised, until I was 8 1/2, had a cemetery on the property. The cemetery wasn’t a family cemetery but one that had been used for slaves, yes I grew up in the south. Whenever I went out to play or fish, yes there was a lake behind the house on the property, I would always go visit the cemetery. The best blackberries you have ever tasted grew there!! I digress…
Cemetery… there would have to be a cemetery on the property along with many many creepy tree’s.

Now the exterior of the house. Whenever I drew these houses the exterior never changed. It was always in the style of Second Empire Victorian. What the heck is that you say?

This was/is my dream home…


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