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So I took an extra day off, today, so I could have a four day weekend. I figured I need to get as much done on props as I could this weekend so I needed the extra day.  Plus I deserve the extra day off from work, heh!

I’ve been working on Cucur today, got his black base coat and the first dry brush of brown over it. His head got a base coat of brown and I dry brushed the first coat of orangey orange.
I’ve also started on a second Pumpkin Rot style sentinel, girl. Her name is Mauly and she will only be from the lower rib cage up, like she is coming out of the ground. I’m making her for work but will bring her to the cemetery Friday night, the night before Halloween. I would like to make one more partial height guy to stand next to the other two. Then there will be a few pumpkin heads sitting around, waiting to come to life.

I also need to work on the Withershin sisters this weekend. I never have given them first names but need to find something. The name of the haunt is Withershins Hallow.

I reworked the Gallery yesterday and added Etsy shops on the menu bar. If you know of any good shops to add, email me.

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