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I finally start working on props this last weekend. You know, its funny about me making props and art. It is all I think about during my waking hours… ok yes, there is an occasional ‘other’ thought that pops into me head here and there.
::: giggles ::: But for the most part…it’s art.

The problem lies in getting started. Getting started is the largest step…no leap that I have to take. I’m not exactly sure why… laziness? procrastination? fear of failure or disappointment? all of the above? I’m not sure…maybe its a tinge of all of them, including the ‘all of the above’. Heh…

So I did take the leap this last weekend and had actually looked forward to it over the week. Beside Cucur… which I have named this particular Pumpkin Rot style prop, at least for now that is his name, I started on the heads for the ghosts I’m going to make.

Here are a couple of shots, from my Blackberry again, of Cucur. He isn’t complete by any means…



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