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Donate to Polar Pug & Friends rescue!! They are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that rescues Pugs and other small breed dogs.

Jodi Creager over at Creager Studios is an amazing artist, her blog can be found here. Her and her hubby have been artists for 32 some years and they have been together for even longer. It’s amazing to see couples come together with something they not only love to do but are stupendous at.

I showcased their work before but must show you a couple of creations I had missed as of late.

First is the witch hat… It is 1:12th scale

Clicking on the image will open it’s blog entry(s).

WITCH HATS 001 reg res
The elfish creature is next. He is utterly adorable, Jodi writes “This little guy just makes me smile…he is part of a Halloween Miniature Doll Setting we are working on and I just wanted to post a quick picture of him… he is not finished yet…has one more thing to add …but I do love this little guys smile and attitude…. and yes…he does have a slight ‘hump’ ….


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