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I’m trying to force myself into creating. Horrible isn’t it. I shouldn’t have to force myself to start, but lately it seems I’m more stuck in my head creating than in the craft room.
I’ve asked myself “Self, why is this?” “Why are you so set on reading, or doing something other than making?” Answer from Self: “I’m really not sure.” “Maybe its the weather, the threat of winter creeping in.” “It’s time to hibernate?”

I wish I could force this cloud of laziness away. It needs to go…

So in response to my own need for laziness rescue, I’m searching the net, looking for crafting ideas. Not like I don’t have a list a mile friggin long! But since I’m at work, there isn’t much making going to happen.

::: Looks at paperclips :::
Maybe I can start making things from paperclips, staples, rubberbands, post-it notes and old pens…

One Response to “Chasing laziness away…”

  • Haha, if you come up with something from Paperclips, staples, rubberbands, etc (and it wouldnt surprise me, you can make ANYthing!) then please share, for all the OTHER lazies out here (err, NOT me of course, oh no!) hahaha

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