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So I FINALLY got off my butt and started working on props. I had started on paper mache pumpkins a few months ago, became irriated with em’ due to how slow they were going, and set them aside to save them from my irritable ‘must destroy prop’ wraith.
No, I don’t normally go around destroying my props but I do get a lack of patience’itis streak and abandon them for long periods of time. The pumpkins witnessed this streak, even though there were abandon in my living room, I would glare at them on every passing.

The Technique I decided to use was Stolloweens, which can be found here.

They, the pumpkins, are going to be turned into Pumpkin Rot style pumpkins, see example here. I utimately want to make 6 total and have them in a grouping that will start with a ground level pumpkin going up to about a 6-7 feet tall Rot.

Here are the heads in progress, at this point they are a couple of layers of paper mache with one layer of Sculpt or Coat with tissue. Yes, the teeth will be added later, I started cutting them out tediously and yes…the ‘itis kicked in and *zip* off they went.



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