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I’m frustrated. Why? Well, there isn’t enough time in the day to create all of the things my brain comes up with. I feel like I’m chasing my tail, and because of that I’m not getting anything done… literally.

Being single may have a smidge to do with the frustration as well…heh.

So my Monday thru Fridays days go something like this….

  • 6am – get outta bed, feed dogs, shower and dress, eat or fix breakfast to take with me to work.
  • 7:30am leave for work
  • 5:00pm get home from work, let dogs out and play with them,  fix dinner and eat unless its a gym day, if it is a gym day, get ready to go to gym
  • 6pm either eating dinner or at gym for an hour and a half
  • 8pm let dogs out and get them ready for bed
  • 9-10pm go to sleep

So basically on days that I don’t go to the gym I have roughly 3 hours before I go to bed. Yes I am one of those that have to get at least 8 hours of sleep, especially since I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. On gym days I literally come home from the gym, eat dinner and then go to bed an hour later.

Now that it is spring I have yard work to do, which I have substituted a couple of gym days this week for doing yard work. Raking is a total body work out! Ugh

I’m starting to think that going to the gym is my problem here. If I quit my job and stop going to the gym, I would have all day long to work on my creations!!

Oh wait…that doesn’t fix the ‘me being single’ part. I need a man that can build stuff, be an electrician and likes Halloween. He doesn’t even need to like it as much as I do, he just needs to build the things I need help with and not ask why I’m so obsessed with it. Not much to ask really. lol!

Ok, I’m done complaining. Now I will list the 2009 props I want to make and the other props that I will make at some point, maybe it will help my brain relax a bit… or I’m going to need Valium due to the list being so friggin long.

  1. 3 ghosts for the cemetery -09′
  2. a few 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 ghosts to mount on the entrance wall -09′
  3. Pumpkin Rot style scarecrow – 09′
  4. As many Stolloween style pumpkins as I can make – 09′
  5. Add hair to the three sisters -09′
  6. Re-do sisters bodies and Morimals – 09′
  7. Cauldron stand – 09′
  8. Haunted tree(s) – 09′ but doubt it will get done
  9. Snake oil salesman with wooden cart – Was 09′ but will have to wait
  10. Tombstones…always need more tombstones! -09′
  11. PVC Candles…made 16 last year but need about 30 more – 09′
  12. Broomsticks for the sisters – 09′
  13. Bookshelf and Bottles for the sisters – 09′
  14. Mausoleum plagues – 09′
  15. Book for one of the sisters – ?
  16. Children/Doll size standing props for the cemetery – ?
  17. Witch hut shanty – ?
  18. FCG – ?
  19. Roof crawler – ?
  20. and on and on

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