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The Shadow Farm

I have loved Dave’s work for sometime now and have only oogled at his props from afar. Now that I have a source for scream-outs, and that he decided to re-post some of his work over on Halloween Forum, I just had to jump at showing him off.
Do I know Dave? No.
Would I like to know Dave? Well hell yeah! I have no Artist friends that I can sit and work with, being in Alaska and all.

Sid and his horse drawn hearse

The bottle lady

2 Responses to “Dave the Dead”

  • Ah, one of the greats indeed. He’s a truly talented soul!

  • Hello Boo Spooky! Nice to meet you. Thanks for the shout-out. I feel honored to be listed among such talented folks. Now that we’ve had our introductions, don’t be a stranger!

    See you around the forums!

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