I decided to create another Pumpkin Diorama this year for the United Way auction at work. I created one last year that can be found here.
This year I’m using the same size pumpkin but it is white instead. I had seen a white pumpkin online that had been antiqued with glaze and I liked the look. The concept was going to be a haunted house but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do an inside scene of a haunted house or make the pumpkin the house instead. I chose to do both.

The house itself I was going to make out of wood but I really didn’t want to. It was going to be a lot of small cuts, etc. I decided to use fun foam instead. The house form is 1/4 foam, then the smaller stuff is the thin foam. Much more easy to cut!

Here are the pictures up until now. I’m at the stage now where I am using expanding foam inside the pumpkin to build up the area the house will sit on. I will paint the brick chimney while I wait for the foam to dry.


I put up the Halloween display at work and the ghost made her debut along with the canvas’s that I created earlier. I’m slowly adding things to the table as I go so I may update later with more pictures.

She is almost finished. I have her strung up and will add a bit more large mesh Cheese cloth to her once she dries over night. I cut her off the dress form and then repaired the area. Will take pics once she is in her display at work.


I finished the Victorian canvas’s that I was working on from the last post. The picture below shows them both, with a little touch ups left to do on the left canvas.

Victorian canvas


I started working on a full sized ghost as well. She will actually be a half ghost but the flowing fabric will make it look full sized, and she will be hung from the ceiling. The upper half will be layers of Cheese Cloth that is soaked with Paverpol, and then I will attach fabric over the complete form to make it look like one piece.Below are a few pictures of the progress:




I started working on the canvas backdrops for my Halloween display at work. I think I mentioned before that I’m doing a Haunted Victorian scene. I have 8 large, 4′ x 3′ canvas’s that I had bought at auction numerous years ago with the intention of re-purposing them. They are the ‘Made in China’ ones that you can get at retail stores that have different scenes painted on them. I got all 8 for $47, with the auction fee. I think they run around $30-$40 each normally, so I scored!
I am using two of them long ways, since the ‘table’ that will be in the display is 8ft long. I have bought black and white Victorian Damask fabric that I’m using as the wallpaper. I used Instant Coffee in warm/hot water to uniformly stain the fabric, then threw it in the dryer. In the picture below the fabric on the right is the original and on the left is a test for the distressing I wanted to do.



I then laid it out on the canvas to figure out where I wanted the seams of the wallpaper to be, which I didn’t want to be centered on the canvas.



Once I had it where I wanted it, I marked on the fabric so that I could line it back up. There are three strips of fabric in the above picture, I removed one at a time, put down Paverpol on the canvas and wet and wringed the fabric before laying back in place. The Paverpol takes about 24 hours to dry so I had time to adjust the fabric and make it look like ‘failing’ wallpaper. The reason I wet the fabric is two fold. One it is easier to work with and secondly, I wanted to use Alcohol inks and more Instant Coffee to distress it, they both take better to wet fabric.

After the fabric was laid  back on the Canvas, I puckered the fabric in places and made the seams more visible, like old wallpaper would fail. I lifted some of the edges and placed balled up plastic wrap underneath for support. Below is a picture when it is still wet.


I spritzed it with alcohol ink in places then dabbed it so that it didn’t have a spritzed look. Then I added dry Install Coffee chunks in places and dripped water over the top to make the dark spots.


The fabric is dry this morning but I am adding a few more distresses to it. I will post more WIPs or when it is finished.



I’m still recovering from the surgery I had July 25th. I tell ya, I’m not a spring chicken anymore! Uff-da!! BUT, I’m getting there!! I’ve only had one gut flare up since the surgery, so hopefully that means I have a bit of a handle on what to eat and what to stay away from.

The creation bug has hit again and I think it brought friends. I’ve started on the decorations for work, have a Diorama Pumpkin in the works, along with a almost complete art doll. The decorations for work will be a haunted ghostly 8ft long (by 24″) table that I will have mainly greys, blacks, whites, with a smidge of orange. The back drop, hanging on the wall, will be two 36″ x 48″ canvas’s that I have covered in Victorian Damask fabric, that is distressed to look like failing wallpaper. I have a paper chandelier (since it is a drop ceiling I can’t have too much weight), then I am making 5, or so, Dusty Mites which are little 6″ poseable dolls to go here and there in various forms of mischief.
My brain feels better now that I’m acting on my ideas, instead of letting them all swirl around endlessly in my noggin.

Ruffio is doing great. Come November 2nd he will have been with me a year, that is when I started fostering him, but his Gotcha date is February 15th. The little stinker is coming out if his shell more and more and its awesome to be part of his transformation.

Fama is doing well. Her last CT scan showed the tumors have shrunk slightly and there are no new ones. She is going to take about a month off of the Chemo, to take a break, since she has had 11 treatments so far on this second round of Chemo, which it will be 14 total before the break starts.

Obviously Washington isn’t happening by the October 1st date that I had set. I’m spending yet another winter in Alaska, but this will be my last. I know, I said that last winter, but this time I’m much closer to wits end and for my own mental and physical health, etc., I have to put my foot down. If Fama is with us, then she can come and stay with me in Washington and then come stay with my brother here in Alaska.

I will try to post some WIP pictures of what I’m making…

Are you looking for spooky fabric or possibly some awesome wallpaper? Wrapping paper, maybe? How about some spooky based bottles or Halloweeny stuff?

You have got to check out The Calvarium on Spoonflower for the Wallpaper, Fabric and Wrapping paper!. Jeremiah Witting is the designer, and yes he hand draws his designs. He also has an Etsy story where he sells bottles, tombstones, and the like.

I met Jeremiah, although briefly, while at West Coast Haunters Convention. We chatted while I was taking Monsters picture at his shop. I did, rather quickly, parooze through his fabric samples, mainly because I knew I would want to buy buy buy everything!! I did tell him though that once I get moved down to Vancouver, WA and get the new house, I will definitely be buying from him! Shipping to Alaska is well… not going to happen.

I wish the best for him and hope his stuff takes off like gang busters!! He is awesomeness all wrapped up in a human package.

You can follow the man himself on Facebook here
If you go here you can Like The Calvarium on Facebook… which is a total must if you want to see the new designs that are coming out.
The Calvarium Etsy store can be found here.
…or… best yet, you can go over to Spoonflower and BUY his stuff!!! The Calvarium on Spoonflower

Here are some samples of his work… and Monster wanted to make an appearance.


Monster at The Calvarium booth at WCHC

Monster at The Calvarium booth at WCHC


skullflower Damask - white

Skull Flower Stripes 2 - orange



I’m back on track, ahem…again, to get The Whimsy Attic website created. I had the previous idea of creating an attic like site but have shifted gears, yet again. I’ve decided that to get this complete I must simplify my idea, the previous idea would have entailed much photoshop’ing and creating.  The newer idea will require photoshop’ing and creating but to a much less degree.

The other point to this, this will allow me to create business cards to match and I have an idea for having a Trade show/Craft show booth that will also be very similar.  Win win win.

Now to search the interwebs for the Victorian wallpaper I need…

I get excited about moving down to Vancouver, Wa. and then realize everything I need to do. Since I really don’t have a ‘set in stone’ date, but had originally said it would be October 1st, mainly because I DO NOT want to spend one more horrid winter in Alaska, I really need to start having garage sales and clear the clutter, before that time comes.

I am A.D.D where ideas and creativity are concerning. I can seriously be distracted by anything shiny, rusty, grungy, ghostly, etc and off I go in a totally different direction.  It isn’t a bad thing, but when it comes to completing something, well… things tend to sit half finished or not started at all. I seemed to have let that creative “run amokness” spill over into my regular daily activities. Must focus grasshopper!!

As an example of my Amokness…Since recently being at West Coast Haunters Convention, I have the convention bug. I want to have a booth to sell my stuff. I don’t want just any booth though, I want it to be snazzy and eye drawing. So lately my brain is full of ideas to make a portable booth design. I already know what I kinda want it to look like but need to get the little details down. Now here is the catch… I’m all excited about making a booth but it all has to wait until I’m living IN Vancouver! Why brain, are you wasting time NOW trying to figure this out? See what I have to deal with!!?

So focus I must. I need to start a Garage Sale pile, and get rid of things that I really don’t need/want any longer. When I move I don’t plan on taking the couch or king sized mattress, that needs to be replaced anyway. There will be select pieces of large furniture and then stuff. The large portion of stuff will be the craft room. Oh lawrd, the craft room! I think I will throw out the two bookcases I have, which were freebies on craiglists, and find better ones once down there.

::: jeopardy music plays :::

Talk about focus! I just spent the last couple of hours forgetting that I was writing this blog post and went surfing around Facebook, looking at more WCHC pictures! ::: face palm :::


I’m going to try my bestest to blog more. I have got to get this thing rolling again…


I thought I was going to be doing blog posts while I was AT West Coast Haunters Con but that didn’t happen. I was like a kid in a candy store and it was all I could do to take more pictures than I did last year. I was giddy, excited, restless, overwhelmed… off my rocker with joy, about sums it up. This years Convention was the awesomness! I can’t wait until next year!

I went about taking pictures in a different way this year. I added in Monster. Monster is a small dog toy that belongs to Ruffio. The reason I brought him this year was due to Ruffio having to stay home, plus I have brought Monster to work with me on days that were overly stressful and I needed something in the way of a Service Animal, heh!  Monster has become my go to for stress relief. No, I don’t stuff him in my mouth and squeak squeak squeak the stress away, although I have done that when playing with Ruffio.

Monster gained a following quickly while at the Con and I had been asked by a couple of people if I was going to make him a Facebook Page. so I did. You can follow The adventures of Monster here: https://www.facebook.com/RuffiosMonster

Before I post a few pictures from WCHC, I wanted to mention how I feel about moving down there. I have been researching apartments to live in while I figure out where I want to buy a house. I was looking, online, in and around Vancouver, WA and stumbled upon Slate Ridge in Fishers Landing. Of course online photos can be misleading. so Fama and I headed out to drive around that area. We stopped in the Slate Ridge Leasing Office and spoke to the rep there, for some time, and she showed us different apartments. I love Slate Ridge!! It is a bit expensive but I will be paying for peace of mind for living in a nicer area and they have a small movie theater that can be reserved, pool, gym, dog park, etc.  So one check mark off the To Do list for living there, and hopefully an apartment will be available when I need it. I will still need to find a job, but something tells me to wait and something right will come along. Of course, I will not wait too long and plan on creating full time once I am down there.

As for the driving in a big city, I have no problems driving around down in the busy Portland area. It just feels right. Yes there is traffic, but there is traffic here too and the drivers up here are a-holes.
I mentioned on Facebook that I feel out of place now that I am home. Driving down streets that I have driven on most of my life and I feel like I’m… just not in the right place. An Oregon friend on FB mentioned, you are physically in Alaska but your soul is down here. That is literally what I feel like.

I will get there, the psychic medium at WCHC told me so. Not only will I get down there and do very well, but I also must start creating! She said my soul needs it and aches for it. Which I already knew :)

Now for a few pictures… If you want to see more pictures you can go to Monsters Page and look in his Photos for the West Coast Haunters Convention album.

You may recognize a few of these guys if you watched Face Off on Syfy. Angie Hill took First Place at the West Coast Haunters Costume Ball, for the second year in a row!


Roy Wooley – http://www.roywooley.com/




Robert ‘RJ’ Haddey – http://www.rjhaddy.com/


Nix Herrera – http://www.nixbodyart.com/


Angie Hill as Medusa w/Monster - http://aranamuerta.com/




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