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Ok, maybe that is a bit of a magical guess but I do know it has been a looooooong time since I posted last. I have actually moved to a different city, working, living life, all while looking for rainbow farting unicorns. There are wonderful things a brewing that I’m not going to announce just yet.
I’m trying to figure out if I want to keep this blog running or if I want to throw it to the flames. I don’t do much with it anymore, obviously, but I’m not sure I’m ready to let go of the reins.

We will see…..

I’m working on getting The Whimsy Attic setup. I finally had LunarPages take down my old domain name and put in The Whimsy Attic instead. This website is actually a sub-domain that runs off of the main one. Just to add a touch of geek speak. All I have up right now is a Construction Page but am setting up something a bit more pretty very soon.

This is the link for the site: http://thewhimsyattic.com


I’m doing a much needed cleanup on this here Website. I’m updating the links page, FINALLY. Refreshing the header and going back to my original one, I really didn’t like the painted lady Victorian all that much. Hang in there while I get things pretty.

As some of you know I have moved to Oregon and not just any ole’ town in Oregon but Halloweentown. What does this mean exactly? Crazy, mad dash, don’t leave your brain at home, overwhelming, insanity in October. Yes, that is right… insanity. Oh My Great Pumpkin!! I’ve always wanted to live in a place that celebrated Halloween and boy did I pick it. Although I’m sure Salem, Mass. is just as mind blowing.

So in staying with my ‘jump in with both feet’ mentality, I decided to build the Pumpkin Arch I’ve wanted for years, but could not have in Alaska. Along with joining my local friends in some of their Halloween events that they produce every year. I’m going to get my fill of Halloween in one large dose and there isn’t even a chaser!

Below is the Arch, day and night shot, the only thing missing in these photos is the witch hat for the witch pumpkin. I will also have window Projections in two of my windows, one is a witch scene and the other a pumpkin scene.


daytime nighttime

Its been a minute, that is for sure. I noticed that its been since late March that I posted last. I was still waiting on my container of household goods and car to arrive. It did! Heh! I actually received my stuff on April 1st, the car included. Things were unpacked and put in their places. Settling in to the rental house has come and gone. I had applied for an IT job with a local company at the end of March and I am STILL waiting to hear back. Yes, I have called to make sure they didn’t ‘forget’ to let me know I was hired, ::: snort :::

West Coast Haunters Con has come and gone. I did not have the booth that I intended to have. I had to cancel due to not having my belongings (read: craft supplies) to be able to make inventory. I decided it needs to wait until next year. So next year it is!
We are toying with the idea of having a temporary booth in a local vendor mall for the month of October. Possibly September and October. That is what I’m planning on for now and yes I have made a couple of things. Need to get on it though and start cranking out more stuff.

I bought a new car! I got a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport in all black. It has all the bells and whistles, minus a few un-needed whistles. If you click on The Adventures of Monster in the lower right link on the page, you will be able to see photos.

I bought and just setup today, a new standing desk for home. My back can’t do many of the office chairs, so sitting at a computer for long periods just doesn’t happen. Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging like I used to. That should change now that I can do it without whimpering or hobbling away. Yay!!! Plus, I’m not working so I have the time…ahem!

I also bought a new computer and it should arrive next week. I can get back on making the digital wallpaper for The Whimsy Attic and get the website created.


We arrived in St. Helens Oregon on March 3rd. Since we didn’t have a rental yet we stayed at the local Best Western. We were able to rent a house, and we (we means Ruffio and I, heh) signed the rental agreement on the 12th. Moved everything over from the hotel on the 16th. I waited due to the mattress I purchased wasn’t delivered until the 15th.

The container with all of my household belongings, and the car, should be here this next week. It will start to feel more homey once that gets here. We are sitting on borrowed folding chairs and a table, heh! I did purchase a couch, since I donated mine before I left, but that will be 5 weeks before it gets here. It is taking so long because I special ordered it in a leather ‘like’ material instead of the fabric.

Now to get a job!

Moving day has approached. Tomorrow is the day for the movers to start packing everything up. Ruffio goes to boarding tonight, then there is a long list of To-Do’s for tonight, before the movers arrive bright and early tomorrow.
There is a LOT of ‘this before this’ on the list and my brain is swimming! I also have to make sure that I keep the pile of stuff that needs to go in my luggage, away from the movers. Since I don’t fly out until March 3rd, my last day of work is still March 1st, I will be staying in a hotel starting Friday night. I will also have to pickup the rental car tomorrow at some point.

Although I’m forgetting to breath at times, I’m still excited with a dash of nervous!

The moving time is fastly approaching. YAY!!

To get everyone up to date, the dream of moving out of Alaska is soon approaching. The house was put on the market on January 8th and I accepted an offer on January 15th. We had a couple of up and downs with the buyer, after the inspection, but we came to a new price agreement and were back on track within a couple of days. The take Possession date is February 25th, if all goes well. We had the Appraisal a couple of days ago and now we wait until it has been filed with the bank, along with the As-Built, so that loan can move forward.

My plan is to find a house in St. Helens, Oregon, or possibly Scappoose, Oregon, but I will first rent until I find what I’m looking for. I have had the movers come and give me a quote for moving everything along with the car. Have ordered a kennel and ex-pen for Ruffio and had them shipped down to friends in St. Helens for when we get there.
I still have to plan out what I’m taking with me in my four suitcases, which I know the majority of it but need to list out the crafting supplies that need to be with me.

Crafting supplies are another story. I have purchased a booth at the West Coast Haunters Convention, which is the end of April, and am in the process of building up an inventory for selling there. I had only two pieces of inventory when I purchased the booth, due to donating stuff at work for an annual charity event. Taking my sculpting tools with me, in checked baggage, is the plan but I worry about lost luggage. Its difficult to replace tools you have accumulated over the years, so it’s another stressor.

My last day of work is March 1st and I plan on flying out March 2nd. So many things to plan out and pray that the proverbial wrench doesn’t get thrown in the mix.

So excitement and forgetting to breath are taking place in the Spooky household. New adventures are soon to be afoot…

I didn’t come and check in on Halloween, bad Kimbooly, I know. I actually locked myself in the craft room for 10 hours or so. More on that in a minute. Since it has been since July that I last posted anything, time for some catching up…

I had originally planned on moving to Washington by the first week of October and renting until I found something in St. Helens, Oregon. My house was going on the market the end of August and so on. August came and we (my brother and I) found out that Fama’s Will would need to go through Probate to get a clear Title for both houses, before they can be sold. Awesome…not. Probate takes four months, better than the other option which was waiting a year. The Probate four month duration will end January 20th. I spoke with the Realtor I plan on using, and she thinks the end of November is a good time to put the house on the market, especially since closing takes 45 days or so.
The main reason I was going to rent in Washington was so that I could look for a house and be able to cash out some of my 401(b) if needed. The taxes are much higher in Oregon with Income Tax. Since it will be after the first of the year, I now plan on cashing it out BEFORE I leave Alaska and having the money that I need to move with. This does change my plans a bit in regards to working until the very end, I was doing it so that I would have 30 days of Health Insurance, but something has to give somewhere in the plan.
Now the plan is leaving by the first week of February, or there about. I still need to find a house down there…ugh. So much to do!

Now the other news. I have been going on and on about how I need to build up inventory and start an Etsy store, selling off the website, whatever. I pissed away a crap ton of time. So, I called myself out on it and bought a booth at the West Coast Haunters Convention 2016! It is the last weekend in April, so I am building up inventory and why I locked myself in The Skullery for the weekend. Matter of fact, every weekend will be spent there. My original plan was to move down to Oregon and start creating right away from the PNW for the show, slight plan change. I thought about canceling the booth, but NO, I have to stop with the excuses and just do it.  Besides, the creating is therapeutic and helping me cope through after Halloween depressions.

I will be posting WIPS here and there of the WCHC inventory. The other thing on the schedule is to get The Whimsy Attic website up and running so I can get business cards done. I’m struggling with it, and have changed the Victorian Damask wallpaper I’m creating…numerous times!

It’s slowly coming together, I just pray there are no more set backs!

I’m finding it difficult to blog again. Not that I don’t have time here and there, more like a have had a full plate. For those that have followed along or are Facebook friends with me, will know that my Fama (mother) had cancer. She passed on June 8th. The first few weeks after her passing I found myself having night time, during sleep, panic attacks. I am a very strong person, I held up the family during my Da’s cancer and passing and swung right back into it 6 months after he was gone, when Fama was diagnosed. She fought for a little over 2 years, and was only given an expiration date of 1 year.
The “I’m a strong person” statement needs to be reset to ‘I was a strong person and am now warn out’ person . I started having my own health issues months after Da was diagnosed and we believe a large majority of them are stress related, also knows as a Sympathetic Response. His passing, Wickets passing,  Fama’s diagnosis, my own health problems, her passing… I’m surprised that panic attacks at night and my body rebelling are the only thing I have going on!

Now to the next set of stressors… I’m finally moving to Washington/Oregon!!! I have to sell my house, before I move and then find something down there. I plan on renting for a short time in Vancouver and then look for a house in Columbia County Oregon.

More stress!!!!! I will be back though… just might take a bit, or when I find a moment of quiet time.

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