A couple of years ago I did a post on the Spadena House, aka the Witch House, you can find that here. Dennis sent me an email sharing the pictures of his completed 1/2″ = 1″ scale miniature, which are awesome! He does not have a website but you can see the pictures on his Facebook page Dennis Nordman.  He will be showing the house at the Chicago’s International Miniatures Show in April http://www.bishopshow.com/chiinfo.htm

Here are a few pics of his awesome creation, you can also find the WIP’s on his Facebook page here

done w 7 1900217_1451951841705745_1628737698_o 1961736_1451951908372405_1810928966_o 1962498_1451952068372389_585205604_o 1149686_1451952108372385_562425419_o




If you’re friends with me on Facebook you are aware that I plan on moving to the Vancouver, Washington area and have set a date of October…and if we aren’t FB Friends, you are now aware. Heh. I have been overly tired with Alaska, in many many regards, for years now. The weather, the isolation, cost of living, and on and on. There really is no haunt community up here and although there are many artists, they tend to all drift towards the tourist industry, which is Alaskan themed items. Yuck I say, but understand that is the theme that is the money maker here. …and again Yuck I say!

So the move… I was born and raised in Alaska, with the exception of living in Alabama for roughly 6 years when I was a wee Lass. Alaska is a different creature of a state and there are many a things to learn when I move to America, as the Fam lovingly calls it. Like what? You may ask, well… pest control for one. We do not have fleas, ticks, fire ants, house ants, snakes, lizards, smaller destructive mammals like mole’s, raccoons, etc. At least none of these things listed are a problem in that we have to be proactive about it… mainly because we are in a frozen state for much of the year. Yes we have mosquito’s that can carry off a small dog, and of course we have large wildlife. Tit for tat I guess.
My other concerns are: getting to know the area to find a ‘good’ place to live, finding new doctors, new Veterinarians, Dentist, Ophthalmologists,  Doggie Day Care, where do I get my car fixed? Heck, where do I buy my car? Then the biggy… finding a JOB. Having no health insurance until I find a job, yes I’m fully aware of the ‘Not Affordable Health Care’… don’t get me started.

Having stated some of the worries I have, I also find excitement in it as well! Finding new places to eat, the best place to view a sunrise or sunset, shopping for antiques without it costing me a mini fortune, the new types of trees and plants that can be grown or battled with. Free Shipping!!! I can drive to a different state! I can fly to a different state for cheap, or take the train!
No, I do not look forward to battling the bugs and having to treat Ruffio with Flea and Tick meds, but I look forward to being able to take him on walks and play in the yard for more time over the seasons. OH the seasons!!! I can actually see a Fall, that doesn’t last two weeks! Pumpkin patches!!! …and Pumpkin patches!!! and more Pumpkin patches!!! Fresh fruit and veggies from local growers that are much more in abundance. Fresh Seafood!!! (Yes we have Seafood up here but most of it comes from somewhere else) and Halloween, oh Halloween how I have missed you. I do understand that October is rainy in Van/Portland, but have you ever had to wear a winter coat, boots, hat and gloves OVER your Halloween costume…and not have it be part of the costume? I can handle rain… and actually like it and fog!

So as you can see I’m over the moon with excitement of moving to somewhere new, that is not Alaska, but yes, I have a lot of life stress to handle before that. Fama is in Stage 4 lung cancer and time is not on her side. I so want her to move with me, but I doubt that will happen. She has a connection to Alaska, one that I truly do not share, and she wants to be here. My plan for October was going to be followed through with even if she was still with us. I battle with the decision and yes I want to spend her last times with her, but at the same time I cannot take another winter here. Sounds completely selfish, and maybe it is, but I have put off my plans for roughly 3 years now due to life emergencies and quite frankly, I’m beyond frustrated. What is one more winter? Pure hell. I literally feel myself walking closer to the grave with each winter… and NO that is not some metaphor for me wanting to off myself. I simply mean that I literally die on the inside. Winter here is nothing but a dark, white and grey frozen world.  I loathe snow and ice and cold. I need milder winters, with green to be seen, no possibility of four feet of snow in a 24 hour period, or even just one. If snow happens, there are snow days!!

So as you can see I’m feeling stuck but overly excited for new experiences to come!!


The papers have been signed and Ruffio is officially my little minion!! We had a busy day, we started out at two different Pet stores then went to Little Dog meetup, with lots of puppy friends to play with. After signing the papers we came home and both decided we were due for a nap!
His rescue story is much like my Wickets, they were both in the same abuse situation. I will refresh those that may not have followed before. On January 12th, 2012 two men were arrested for the animal abuse of 39+ dogs and 50+parakeets. The men were hoarding and attempting to be a puppy mill. The house was found to be full of cages, feces, urine, etc. with all the dogs being neglected, suffering malnutrition, covered in urine and feces burns and sores, etc. Some dogs died, others would be put down, while others would pass in rescue months later. The rescue, Polar Pug Rescue & Friends, received 11, I believe, of the rescues which is where my Wicket and my Ruffio  were adopted from.
I adopted Wicket on April 9th, 2012 and due to a Brain tumor I had to send him to puppy heaven on October 20th, 2013. On November 2, I took Ruffio and Charlotte (Ruffio’s sister) into foster. In January Charlotte went back to rescue, due to her high energy she wasn’t doing well at my home, she needs someone that can help her get out all of her energy. Plus, they both have Stranger Danger issue’s and can be a bit fearful of new situations and they were feeding off of each others fears. They do better apart, mainly for their mental health and Ruffio is more laid back, so the higher energy sister was driving him to shut down.

So exactly 2 years and 1 month after being rescued, Ruffio is officially ‘dopted!!

Oh, I have to mention this, my motherly instincts kicked in today at Petco. We were walking around looking at collars and harnesses and a Golden Retriever came down the aisle. Ruffio barks at big dogs, but it isn’t a fear induced bark or repetitive. He typically barks once, maybe twice, to get their attention.  I never scold him when he barks this way because he is only talking and his body language isn’t anything to worry about. The 20 something on the other end of the Golden’s leash assumed this meant that Ruffio was mean, even though Ruffio was paying no attention to either of them any longer. She left the aisle and went down the other aisle, where I found her while we were looking for more stuff. I heard her say to, I think it was her Dad, ‘that Chihuahua, something something’. It took every bit of restraint I had to hold back my inner children and not scream at her… “HE IS NOT A CHIHUAHUA, HE IS A BRUSSELS GRIFFON/ITALIAN GREYHOUND, we think, MIX!!” Instead I stayed on the aisle and let Ruffio pick out a toy. He didn’t even look at any of them…being such the mean little Chihuahua he is. LOL



I have said this before but MAN am I a blogger slacker! SSSSLLLL AAAACK KA ERRRRRR.

I think I type myself out over on Facebook and don’t feel like repeating myself. I have got to get back on this thing!!

Updates… I’m slowly working through my health problems. Currently I’m waiting on lab results from Thyroid tests, I went to an Endocrinologist to get to the bottom of my Thyroid symptoms. My regular Doc doesn’t seem to go beyond testing my TSH, telling me my meds are fine and calling it good.
Next is food allergy testing in March, to see if my gut problems are allergy based. I’m also going to be getting an MRI on my liver in a couple of months, we saw something on the CT scan and need to see if anything has changed.

I believe I posted before about fostering two pups that I have fostered separately before, with Wicket, they were Charlotte and Ruffio. I started fostering them on November 2nd and after a couple of months I had to take Charlotte back. She is a very high energy pup, not just physically but mentally and I couldn’t give her the stimulation she needed to get the energy out. Because she wasn’t in the daycare situation, where she was able to play all day, she started escalating and Ruffio was taking the brunt of it. They are literally polar opposites and he was getting upset with her more often than not. He would wait until she was relaxed or sleeping, before he would instigate play, which once she turned on the energy he didn’t want to play anymore.
I was worried that Ruffio wouldn’t take to being alone and he has done awesome! His confidence has improved, he is less fearful of new noises and we went out in public a few times and he has done awesome there too!
Since I will be moving in with Fama (Mom) soon, I needed to see how he took to her and her house. So far so good, he is a bit scared but not terrified. I think he will do fine. So I am 98.9% sure that I will be a foster failure!!! My only concern is Ruffio being comfortable and not traumatized. He is resilient, just like most dogs,  but I will put him first. ;)

Here is the little cuteness…

1016327_814933205189883_729982300_n 981844_710315212318350_1063393607_o 1546391_810318135651390_624261552_n

I have been dragging my feet for far too long. Yes, I have had my share of set backs with life changing my path on a constant basis for the last couple of years. I am determined, I am a bull in the proverbial China Shop and I promise to smash all of life’s crappy China and glass to smithereens. We, my friends, are going to make glitter…ok, maybe not glitter since I’m not the glittery type. We are going to make pretty sparkling pixie dust.

I have been also dragging my feet where my new artsy business is concerned. I have had excuse after excuse after excuse. One of the main things that has stopped me is not getting a website built for it. I put off the business cards because I want them to match the website. …and on and on.  I finally settle on what I wanted the website to look like. I knew I wanted an attic feel to it but not to be so creepy as to scare off non-spooky art buyers. Some of what I will sell won’t be spooky based.
My business name is The Whimsy Attic, so I needed to set out finding this ‘atticy’ feeling picture. I didn’t want to go find a picture that was prebuilt or ‘perfect’ out of the box. I want to add my own touch to it and make it more me. The header on this Boo Spooky site, I created from scratch. The tree was something I had hand drawn during a meeting at work, and every thing else was either drawn in or added after slightly changing something.
After searching and searching for pictures of attics, I put my head to it this weekend and had an AH HA moment when I found a certain picture. It had the colors, angle and look that I wanted. I searched and searched some more but kept coming back to this one photo. After going back to it and reading the description, I was hooked. Now all I need to do was get the Photographers permission to use it, or purchase it so that I could get to adding to it.
I spoke with the Photographer via Facebook email and he graciously has allowed me to download two of his photos. I had actually found a second photo and need to decide on which will work best. I will give him credit for the original image with his Copyright then Copyright it again under The Whimsy Attic so that no one will steal what I have added to his image.

The Photographer is Frank C. Grace of Trig Photography. Frank is a awesome photographer and you guys should check out his stuff. Give him kudo’s for being awesome about allowing me to use his photo and give him props for his awesome work. A HUGE plus…he likes Paranormal stuff!!!

Here are the links to find him and below those are the two photos, one of which I will choose to use for my new website :)

You Tube Video with an interview with Frank http://youtu.be/r1VZtIU8vCg

attich7g attich7g2


Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since my Wicket has gained his angel wings. I still cry on a daily basis and at times it can be the oddest thing that sets it off. Typically though it is once I have laid down to go to bed, when my brain gets to roam free and not think of work or daily chores that I find despair again. There are times that something on the TV will set me off and on occasion I will find myself in the bathroom at work quietly crying. I miss him beyond anything I can put in to words but I move forward with his memories and knowing that he is always with me. I will be making a memorial shadow box soon, I just need to get a picture printed of him and paint the box that I picked up for his cremains, I don’t know how I’m going to paint it yet, but it will come.

Wicket helped me make some awesome friends. If it wasn’t for my little man, and me wanting him to meet new puppy friends and get exercise at the Dog Park, I would not have met the group of people that came together to have a Memorial Bead made for me. The bead was made by an awesome artist, and fellow dog friend, Elise Strauss. She makes beautiful glass lampwork beads along with the Memorial beads. You can see her work on her business page Koi Creek Beadworks and see some items on her Etsy site.

Below is a picture of the bead Elise made, I can’t thank everyone enough that came together to do this for me and my Wicket. The swirls in the glass are Wickets Cremains…

Wickets Bead

Last year a wrote a post for all the dogs that I have had, as an adult, that have passed, you can see their stories here. This year I find myself still mourning the loss of my Wicket that I had to let go of so he could go to puppy heaven, just 12 days ago. I truly miss him beyond anything I could possibly put into words. I have sobbed and wailed, cried silently, cussed the Universe and finally found myself talking to him at times and pictured him with little wings. I’ve seen him run as fast as he can through the fields and prayed that he comes to comfort me when I need him. I seem to still need him…

Having said all that, I will now bring you his story and give you some in sight into who the little man had becoming. Wicket was rescued by the Police Dept. and Animal Control on January 12th 2012. He and 38 other dogs were found to be living in disgusting conditions. The floors were covered in feces, urine and yuck and there were cages everywhere filled with dogs. The cages were also filled with feces, urine and yuck. The dogs were covered in sores, matted fur, infection and they were also malnourished. The ‘men’ that did this were Dog Show fanatics that were hoarding and attempting to be a puppy mill.

I saw Wicket on the Polar Pug Rescue and Friends website in March. I had just lost my Whisper to cancer and still had my Bear, with his own health issue. I watched Bear to see how he was doing being an only dog. I didn’t want to go on impulse, even though I was totally taken by Wickets picture, and instead wanted to make sure that Bear would be ok with getting another dog. I thought about Wicket almost everyday until I could take it no longer. I put in my application for him, I believe near the end of March and heard back rather quickly from Vickie Young of PPRaF. I went to meet him… I was done, I wanted to run out the door with the little guy in my arms! He had me wrapped around his little stubby tail from first muzzle nudge. I believe that was a Friday and I had the little guy at my home by Monday.
I was and still am, inside out in love with that little man. I have never had such a strong connection with any of my dogs. I don’t want to make them sound less loved, no…not what I mean. Wicket and I connected, he read me, I read him…he was my puppy soul mate.

He was a silly little man. He loved to run and bark. He would chase after dogs that were running and would bark the whole time. If any dog barked or started a scuffle near by, he would run to them barking and and get between the grumblers. He was the ‘police dog’ or referee, even though he was a gentle little man. He would play with toys as long as I played with him. He would rather have me play bite on his legs and head so he could play bite me back.
He loved Romaine lettuce, Sardines, Cottage cheese and Greek Yogurt. He loved looking out the window when we went for a truck ride and loved going to the pet stores to pick out his own puppy chews.

Everyone that met him or saw him, fell in love with his ears and how expressive his face was. You could read him by his eyes and he almost always looked like he was frowning although that was just his mouth shape, his ears and stumpy tail would give away how happy he really was.

While I was writing this on Halloween night, I received a call from the vet clinic telling me his ashes are ready for pickup. I will be bringing him home on Dia de los Angelitos day.

Here are a few pictures of my little man. The first one is the picture I saw of him on the rescue site and progress on to more current times.


The day he adopted me, April 9th 2012











Fundraising at work has me in The Skullery again. We are having a pumpkin carving Silent Auction/Contest for United way, along with a bake sale of spooky treats. Before my Wicket went to puppy heaven I decided that I was going to enter a pumpkin, I asked the organizer if fake pumpkins along with mixed media would be allowed, yes! Wooo Hooo!!
I’ve always wanted to create a diorama inside a fake pumpkin. So I did… in three days. The Friday before Wickets passing I had gone and purchased the pumpkin, and a few odds and in’s for the creation but come Sunday, the day I had to let me Wicket go, I was in no shape to create much less do anything useful. Come the following Friday I decided to pick it up again and bust butt to get it done. I’m always amazed at what I can do under a deadline but hate doing things that way. I tend to cut corners, that I would normally never do in my perfectionist world.

So babbling and yammering aside, here is the newest Halloween creation:





This is a post I don’t want to write. I want the clock to turn back, some magic wish to occur with me being able to make my Wicket live all of his days happy and healthy right along with his Momma. That didn’t and can’t happen and my Wicket is gone.

Wicket started having grand mal seizures Friday night, small strokes Saturday night and another grand mal Sunday evening. The cause points to a brain tumor and I had to make the heart wrenching decision to let him go. These aren’t the only symptoms he had, there were numerous neuro signs that confirmed the suspicion even more. I couldn’t allow for him to be in pain or uncomfortable with loosing his eyesight, his balance, etc. only to keep him with me.

I hurt emotionally and physically. I have cried so hard my stomach and back are killing me. I guess that is one way to get a six pack, heh. My inner children have left me, they are in some deep dark recesses of my brain and refuse to come out, they too want their Wicket back. I truly miss my little Sexy Face and feel that things were so unfinished. We only had a year and a half together.

I miss my little puppy soul mate…


Run and play my little Wickimus, Momma will see you again little buddy. ‘Til then hang out and run as fast as you can, you can come see me as often as you want. If I don’t see you, give me a nudge on the calf like you use to do, to let me know you are there. I love you infinity times infinity.





I hit the Skullery again, yay!! We have a United Way fundraiser at work every year and for the last couple of years I have wanted to donate to the Silent Auction. I made the decision I was doing it this year, so to make sure I didn’t get lazy I told people I would donate a OoAK art doll of a Halloween theme.

I knew I was going to make a Ghost. I didn’t want anything spooky but not to cutesy either. I have always loved the classic ghost with the bed sheet form, now to figure out how and what the scene should be. Secondly I wanted a pumpkin, I also had to figure out how to manage that too.

The ideas formed but how to bring the two together in a story line? AH HA moment hit me, he would be the Ghost of Peter D. Pumpkin Eater!

The Pumpkin is Poly Clay. I formed it around a Styrofoam ball and during the baking the ball shrinks so that you can get it out. I don’t recommend this. Not only do you need to ventilate your house, it is not good for the oven, which I use my actual kitchen oven for instead of a counter top toaster oven.  The tombstone is wood from my 30+ year old cedar fence, wood burned with Peter’s name. The Ghost is a form created with an armature covered in Plumbers putty, which I built up a bit for the body and to hold the arms in place. Over that Plumbers putty is air dry clay for the head, to make the eyes and mouth. The sheet is an actual bed sheet dipped in Paverpol and draped over the body form. I love Paverpol! The pumpkin guts are poly clay seeds with orange string and Carpet Latex as the yellowy guts part.

Here are the before and after photos:



















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